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Very short update

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I’m so freaking tired OMG. Slept around 5 or 6 am this morning *bangs head on the wall*. We planned to sleep rather early since we were going to have breakfast the next morning. Who knows short talks turn to super long talks and we lied down around 3 am just to wake up again in amidst of conflicting opinions just to prove a point. Look at old photos and gosh, it’s been quite a while. Wow, time does flies. To where I wonder. Doesn’t feel like I’ve achieved much but it’s really been too long. Secondary school is a thing of the past that’s buried way deeper than Davy Jones’ locker lol. Gah I’m so old. Everywhere I go, I feel it. People around me are so young zzz. Sien sien sien. Is it because we never changed and we still hang out at the same places where those 17 18 year olds do? Or they just caught up too quickly? Hmm. Anyway, I’m so damn nervous. Results coming out on Tuesday (I think). So fingers and TOES crossed that I passed everything. Omg omg omg. I really need buckets and buckets of luck! These are the times which calls for desperate measures – pray to God. Sigh sigh sigh. I really hope it’s going to be ok. Hmm. After that, I’ll breathe better. Holiday free of worries. So please!!!!!! I really need this hmm. Sorry, such a random post. haven’t been blogging for very long, plus everything’s that happened, I really have no time to sit down and write lol. it’s been busy and very happening. So pardon me. Now, wish everyone luck!!!!! We can go through this together ^^.

p/s I’m going out later again OMG


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Safely here

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I’ve only been back for two days and yet it has felt like I’ve done so much! It’s a good thing, I rather it being completely filled than having gone through the whole holiday without feeling like I’ve achieved anything yea. Not in an academic sense of course, but in terms of fully utilising every second of my hard earned holiday! Now to the random updates of stuff I’ve done.

The flight. OMG. It has to be the most happening flight I’ve ever been on. No, the plane was OK, the gas tank didn’t burst mid air or anything like that. There was a little turbulence but that was it. It’s more because of the people. Lol. First I’m on the same flight as Wendy. Then I sat next to a girl who’s from Lincoln College. She knows Jovi and Tien Li. Adelaide is so damn small. Anyway. We realise we haven’t got the best seat (we are practically RIGHT behind business class). No, it’s not because I was so damn close to the toilet and I went to use it just to get told by the stewardess the toilet is down the other end. Hello, I’m not dumb or anything but I think personally it would have been better if she said, this is reserved for business class people. ANYWAY. It’s because we sat at the second row. And the first row, as always, are filled by parents with their infants and hyperactive kids. Sighhh. This is going to be one long flight. And sure it was. The babies kept crying, there’s this lil girl who sat in front of me and seemed to be so interested with us, she kept crawling up her seat and stare at ME. Yes, she stared! And it was for really really long. First I gave her some attention la, like smile and all. The thing is she’s Asian and I don’t think she understand much English, so I couldn’t have possibly talk to her? And after a while i got tired of having to look up and smile for like every few minutes and so. I just continued doing what I was doing. And she kept looking. Gave up. Then after a while, look again. Oh kids. I think I’ll do ‘brilliantly’ in Peado. LOL.

Then not long after our meals, something smelt funny. So we requested to move down the aisle because it has been quite weird, with the little girl kept peeking around and all. The baby crying. Lucky for us the flight was real empty, so we got a seat at the other end. And I forgot my headset so I went back for it. As I passed back, I smell something funny and so I looked. OH boy I wished I haven’t done that. I saw this pile of yellow crumbles mixed in fluid in one of the seat. I bet that’s exactly how the TB centre caseous of necrosis looks like!!! Anyway, next to it is a mother frantically wiping her son with tissues. And the thing is, when something like that happen, you should go toilet straighaway la right? She didn’t and continue to sit there wiping until the air hostess kept telling her it’s best to go to the toilet. Duhhhh?? Anyway, I straightaway held my breathe but the sight of it was enough to make me want to puke. I swear I was THIS close to puking myself. Ewwwww >.<

And then I landed early. And that night is my cousin’s bachelor party (in a sense la – Asian one, not Western style ok, no strippers are involved or harmed in the process). The next day was his wedding and my another cousin’s wedding. Attented his’ banquet yesterday at Sheralton? Kajang. Let me say it was, erm, full of surprises? Lol. First of the I think the organisation is pretty shit la. We arrived real early (but already past the stated time and so we took our seats in the hall. And there they were, briefing to the waiters and all and shouting here and there in the process. Hello, no room is it? Where’s the professionalism? And then they were test checking their equipments lor. Omg. It was like a quarter filled. And in the midst of us sitting noncholantly, they blast the fire thingy near the stage. I could feel the heat from where I was seating and it scared a lot of people. And the smoky thingy and the lights. Shakes head.

Anyway, with Chinese Weddings, the thing I dread the most, is alwaysssss the singing. I mean it’s delightful if they want to express blessings to the newly wed couple and all, but please don’t abuse it and treat it like your concert ok? tsk tsk tsk. There was this aunty who picked the first song and as the tune starts, she was like fully engrossed in her singing till she realise the original vocals aren’t wiped off. So she stopped, frustrated and speak into the mic, turn off the vocals please. Then they turned it off and restarted the song cos it was already like 45 seconds into the song. I understand that la. Anyway. So then she did her song and the next one the same thing happened but they manage to cut of the original vocals in like 2 seconds into the song but the aunty was adamant. She shouted into the mic – start the song again! -.-”’ And then comes another enthusiastic uncle. Sigh. Then the aunty came back to due with another person. I was away but I could hear her from where I was and she was shouting for them to change the key of the song after a few seconds of singing. OMFG. What the fishhhhhh? It’s like if you cannot sing the key, don’t request for the song laaaaaaaa. Zzzz. I give her credit that she can actually sing just that, it’s kind of bad to make it so – karaokeish? In a bad sense. And the other uncle came back and as if following the suit of the aunty before, he said a string of things to the PA people to dunno do what, I couldn’t quite make out what he was saying but he was asking for some alterations of some sort la. Tsk tsk tsk. I hate people singing in weddings!!!!! As in I don’t mind if they can’t really sing and all you know, because afterall it is their blessing to the couple, but why treat it so personally?

Anyway, I have another wedding banquet to attend today, my another cousin. Weddings are like the THING at the moment. It’s everywhere, because apparently the past two days were the BEST of all year, hence so many choosing that day. I can only hope there will be less singing. Lol.

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See ya’ll soon!

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In a few hours, okla, not exactly a few. Make that TEN. I’ll be in Malaysia! Woohoo, home sweet home. Sighness. I was so damn excited yesterday. Until I realised. Sigh… I have to leave Malaysia sooner than I anticipated. Stupid timetable. Stupid pre-clinics. Stupid stupidddddddd. Haih. I know, it’s like a month away and why worry about it. But I do have this tendency to think about things ahead. Like few weeks before exams, I’m already thinking of how to study and die during SWOTVAC. During SWOTVAC, I am already imagining myself sitting for the exams, one after another, and another and finally the last paper. And during sitting, I already started thinking about results – will I pass all?? And then imagining myself flying back – HOLIDAYS! And now, even before holiday starts, I’m thinking about when it ends. I know, damn pessimistic right. I really should snap out of it cause usually I’m very optimistic leh. But trust me, if you see your own holiday diminishing year in year out and you can do no shit about it, you’ll be like me too. Sigh. Who ever says Uni is great, they are lying. I say, bring on work life! I am sure I’ll enjoy it much muchhhhhhhhh better than lousy Uni life. Anyway, I’ll do some last minute surfing before heading to the airport. Hopefully get to see Wendy there. Hmm. Except you know what lah, say so many times liao. Lol. I can already see myself waiting to check-in in the damn long line that probably needs an hour to complete while someone *cough cough* breezes through fashionably late to the lane encrusted with gold. Lol. Tsk tsk tsk, Wendy!! Wait for meeeeee!

p/s I found my pink shirt muahaha, quite last minute, but I found it! (only TAG will understand)

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Just one more to go

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Yay, one more paper left. Everyone’s chanting the same thing over and over again. HEHE. It sure is good news. Especially after Ortho which turn out to be quite alright. Cannot say I did well la, since it’s also my fault la. I slacked heaps yesterday night. So I only covered what I covered. But I still manage to write a lot so that’s good. And for some reason, I read this mouth breathing extra notes I have. And it came out! It’s a coincident or a miracle? Anyhow, I’m glad =)

You know what’s the most stressful in exams? Sitting next or near someone who’s really good. They wrote so calmly and slowly, and it;s juts flowing out effortlessly. Unlike me, every moment I think of something, I have to blurt it all out in fear of it dissapearing! I have not written so much in my life. Everytime I stop to rest – my hand hurts like hell cause I use a lot of force when I write, such a bad habit – everywhere I see, people are writing off sheets after sheets, like their life depended on it. Okla, more like only MY LIFE depended on it. Lol. I was scribbling frantically and trying to think of what I have memorised, anything that can be added. DnD was certainly less stressful in a way that I can stop and have a mint, drink a sip of water and all. Ortho was like, the race against time and me being so horrible in writing sure didn’t help. I think the amount I wrote for one exam paper is equivalent to the amount I write all the other non-exam time in about yearsssss. Anyhoo, my hands did a lot of exercise today. Tomorrow Perio, just have to tick, tick, tick. Good good. So everyone, tick away!!!!! Good luck ^^

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Exams are overrated *sarcastic*

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Phew. I can finally breathe. DCP down. DnD down. Now only DHS and Perio left.  For DHS I have a nice lecturer who has a record of passing everyone (or so I heard) so I can feel more at ease. Perio I just need an overall pass, I’m just lacking a bit more so it’s all good. Exams are like off my shoulders now. Even though it’s only half done. But like Sophia said, it’s like 70% of it gone. To me it’s more like 90% cause all the effort I spent so far including before SWOTVAC was mainly on DnD. Oral path and Micro. Gosh. And then on Endo. The rest I didn’t really touch much. Have to memorise stuff tonight for Ortho tomorrow. I’ve started some, so at least it’s not that bad. Speaking of exams – DnD was good. DCP hurm, a bit sceptical for Cons. But I’d like to think that I pass ba the very least? *Fingers crossed*. The more people talk about it, the more I feel insecure. I was heaps confident coming out of it, thinking I did the best I could. Anyway. Hope all’s going to go well for Ortho and Perio! Good luck everyone! And to me too of course! Holidays, here I come!!!!

p/s 我真的很不明白那些狂摇脚的人. 尤其是在考试中. 有必要吗? 超讨厌. 我很容易分心!

pp/s Note to self: pick a good spot next time round. But, I was always there FIRST!

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4 more days to go

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I’m having exams tomowowwww – no, actually, in a few hours. Yes! *pounces fist into the air*

ROFL. I’m as excited about exams as Dawn Yang is when she filmed that short video annoucing her Sydney trip. Yes oh yes. Exams. Dread them. But once they’re over, I’m a free soul once again. Yippee! I loveeee holidays. I’d already pictured myself on that plane back to Malaysia numerous times! And everytime I saw a plane flying on the weirdass stratosphere of Adelaide, aww, I just wanna get on it. I said to myself, I’ll be on it this coming Saturday. Woo hooo~ It’s so fast. Everything’s happening too quickly. I’m going to have exams on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Gruelling schedule eh? But it seems less stressful this time around. Sem 1 was a bitch. Sem II ain’t that great either. But it’s good enough. Plus there’s enough time to prepare for everything, except when I was slacking thinking I have studied enough when in fact I haven’t. I don’t know how I can be so delluded at times. And I’ll start panicking like straight after. Omg omg. Then I finally calm myself down again thinking DHS and Perio are just overall pass. Being the unambitious me, that’s all I aim for. Lol. But I do give myself credit when I get something higher. Damn those people who always say I get passes ONLY. You try doing Dentistry and pass for me to see before you say anything. Say sure easy la. To pass you have to at least study hard la. To score high is another matter. I hate how some people are so damn ignorant. Anyway. I’m off to study Micro. Sien. And in a couple of hours, I’ll be in Wayville sitting for my Endo/Cons exams. Hehehehehe. I’m so damn excited, gosh. Wish me luck people!!!!! And good luck to ya all too!!!!

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So sweet yet so bad

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Hello to the non-existing souls who are reading my blog. I have been so into my studies lately. Right. Really! I have been. Or so I would like to believe. Lol. But I think I am more hardworking compared to last sem. Hmm. Though I am still left very unsured, highly insecured as to where I am standing. Sighs…..

Anyway. Few days back it was scorchingly hot and even sitting at the lounge, I could feel my skin burning. I hate studying in hot weather!!!! So then I was offered coca cola. I actually said no – OMG *gasp*. But it was meant to be shared so I have to have it regardless. First sip. Ah so cold. And then it hit me. The 9 tea spoons of sugar. Omg. What is it going to do to my teeth? The amount of sucrose if taken up by the mutans strep will be adequate to support them for the rest of their lives! Oh no! And the acidity. Omg, erosion!! No, I don’t want to be like someone *coughs coughs* who has no cingulums left on her teeth. Sigh. One coke. So many thoughts. I’m seriously being overly paranoid. But I haven’t had it for the longest time as if I have to choose a soft drink, I always go for something milder (or so I believe) like Sprite, Mountain Dew and such. They may have 8.5 tea spoons of sugar, but at least not 9 righttttt? Anyway. So there goes my horrible encounter with Coke. Hmm. So I shall make an announcement here that NO ONE is to offer me coke in the future. Lololol. Speaking of fluids, I need some water. Ciao~

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