4 more days to go

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I’m having exams tomowowwww – no, actually, in a few hours. Yes! *pounces fist into the air*

ROFL. I’m as excited about exams as Dawn Yang is when she filmed that short video annoucing her Sydney trip. Yes oh yes. Exams. Dread them. But once they’re over, I’m a free soul once again. Yippee! I loveeee holidays. I’d already pictured myself on that plane back to Malaysia numerous times! And everytime I saw a plane flying on the weirdass stratosphere of Adelaide, aww, I just wanna get on it. I said to myself, I’ll be on it this coming Saturday. Woo hooo~ It’s so fast. Everything’s happening too quickly. I’m going to have exams on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Gruelling schedule eh? But it seems less stressful this time around. Sem 1 was a bitch. Sem II ain’t that great either. But it’s good enough. Plus there’s enough time to prepare for everything, except when I was slacking thinking I have studied enough when in fact I haven’t. I don’t know how I can be so delluded at times. And I’ll start panicking like straight after. Omg omg. Then I finally calm myself down again thinking DHS and Perio are just overall pass. Being the unambitious me, that’s all I aim for. Lol. But I do give myself credit when I get something higher. Damn those people who always say I get passes ONLY. You try doing Dentistry and pass for me to see before you say anything. Say sure easy la. To pass you have to at least study hard la. To score high is another matter. I hate how some people are so damn ignorant. Anyway. I’m off to study Micro. Sien. And in a couple of hours, I’ll be in Wayville sitting for my Endo/Cons exams. Hehehehehe. I’m so damn excited, gosh. Wish me luck people!!!!! And good luck to ya all too!!!!


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  1. 1

    Mischique said,

    Yea yea I agree with you 100%!!!!! If can pass I’m elated liao..don’t talk about getting distinctions but thing is, people think getting distinctions in dentistry is easy!! So damn kek sei yan. Anyway best of luck to you babe!!!

  2. 2

    summer said,

    Good luck!!!! You still wana exchange with my project? Hahahaha… I want to go home too~~~~~~~~

  3. 3

    sohpoh said,

    mischique: lolol we shud have a group like dent students against HDs LOLOL.. aww, thanks!!!!

    summer: haha thank you. no lo, i study d, exchnage I mah damn rugi? hahaha

  4. 4

    Wendy said,

    hehe..one down liao, 3 more to go !!!
    the scary oral path and oral micro combo is tomorrow !!

    jia you..
    3 more papers to freedom !!!!

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