Just one more to go

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Yay, one more paper left. Everyone’s chanting the same thing over and over again. HEHE. It sure is good news. Especially after Ortho which turn out to be quite alright. Cannot say I did well la, since it’s also my fault la. I slacked heaps yesterday night. So I only covered what I covered. But I still manage to write a lot so that’s good. And for some reason, I read this mouth breathing extra notes I have. And it came out! It’s a coincident or a miracle? Anyhow, I’m glad =)

You know what’s the most stressful in exams? Sitting next or near someone who’s really good. They wrote so calmly and slowly, and it;s juts flowing out effortlessly. Unlike me, every moment I think of something, I have to blurt it all out in fear of it dissapearing! I have not written so much in my life. Everytime I stop to rest – my hand hurts like hell cause I use a lot of force when I write, such a bad habit – everywhere I see, people are writing off sheets after sheets, like their life depended on it. Okla, more like only MY LIFE depended on it. Lol. I was scribbling frantically and trying to think of what I have memorised, anything that can be added. DnD was certainly less stressful in a way that I can stop and have a mint, drink a sip of water and all. Ortho was like, the race against time and me being so horrible in writing sure didn’t help. I think the amount I wrote for one exam paper is equivalent to the amount I write all the other non-exam time in about yearsssss. Anyhoo, my hands did a lot of exercise today. Tomorrow Perio, just have to tick, tick, tick. Good good. So everyone, tick away!!!!! Good luck ^^


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    Carine said,

    Good Luck and all the best..my dear..After exam..then faster come back~~ we are waiting for u!!!!!~~~ Jia You!!!~

  2. 2

    s0hp0h said,

    hehehehe coming coming ^^

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