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I am sick. But not that sick. Caught a sore throat, flu, cough and feeling a bit feverish, from don’t know where. But it ain’t that bad. I’m still living well. What’s sicker is the bargain I got from yesterday’s outing. So sick that it deserves a OMFG. Seriously. I bought this mickey mouse shoes (not sure what they are really called, the type resembling Converse shoes but with Mickey Mouse imprints) for like an incredibly awesome RM 19. 19 RINGGIT ok!!! Even if it’s in AUD it is dirt cheap! But then AUD has fell a lot recently, but that’s not the point. The original price was RM 119 and I seriously cannot believe it’s so damn cheap!! The prices are slashed like crazy. After Shan told me about it, I just couldn’t resist and got me self a pair in like 10 seconds. Lolol. Me and my shopping crazes. Now everyone’s teasing me for my spontaneous-ism. And like how I keep exclaiming “OMG, so cheap” and proceed in rounds of binging. Hmm, but it’s true what. IT IS CHEAP. I mean when I say it’s cheap, you’ll know it’s cheap! So so sooooo sick!!!!! I’m still over the moon from the bargain lolololol.

Other things aside, I cut my hair. Did that like the third day after arriving. I figured it’s nothing to tell since I didn’t even blog bout it last time, and it’s been like a week. But there’s nothing else to say, hence in an effort to fill up my blog, so yea. It’s now rather short. Just pass my shoulders. Don’t think I’ll be cutting it anytime soon. I’ll keep the length the very least. Probably just trim my fringe before I head back. Oh btw, I cut my hair for 7 ringgit. Cheap right? Lol. Plus wash, blow and cut. With massage somemore. I think it’s a very good bargain la. Plus the quality ain’t bad. I have to say Kimarie students totally beat Snips hands down. It’s actually way better than the times I cut in so-called professional salons. But I’m not the kind who would pay an exorbitant amount for a hair cut. So maybe the really good ones are really good. But if I was to compare the student ones and the ‘good’ ones, the student ones are better imo. Though you have to sit there for like an hour plus before you can get your super silky straight hair. It also depends on the student you get. I was lucky to get one that didn’t need any  guidance from the ‘tutors’ while my friend got one who constantly needed supervision. I guess it’s really your luck, hmm. And one of my friend even got her hair caught on one of the hair dryers. Ouch.

So far, I’ve been to night markets thrice. Karaoke twice. Cinema once. Went and saw Twilight. It wasn’t great, but it’s pretty good. But then again, I’m a sucker for fantasy films so it’s merely based on my opinion. My other friends weren’t too much of a fan. I’m just disappointed that the main lead ain’t as good looking as the synopsis suggested, but his face does grow on me a bit. I learnt to think his ‘7 fen nian’ is much more dazzling that his face from the front. And he has this crazy eyes and weird lips. No wonder he got casted as the vampire. Lol. He does have VERY great resemblence (to the vampires we imagine) and a mystery touch to his look. I have to read the BOOK!!!! Anyway, there’s going to be a sequel to this flick (since it’s based on a series of novel) but after having read the summary of the second novel, I don’t think the second one will be that great. Hmmm. But I hope they prove me wrong cause I really like the story. It’s really interesting. And by the way, this is no horror flick, so don’t expect to see any er, gross pictures. It’s more towards romance and SO DAMN FUNNY at times. Definitely worth watching if you are a fantasy fan.

My results coming out tomorrow. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! Thanks for the wish pplz, I really need it, and good luck to all of us ^^.


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    MYTwilighters said,

    I was surfing on the net and I happened to drop by…here LOL

    The second book is the best among the others, perhaps the synopsis was lame? or..maybe you don’t like loviey dobiey stuffs~ No offence though~ The 2nd book is SERIOUSLY suggested by us, die hard twilighters, because you can see how haunted is Bella in that book………

    and I agree with the ‘7 fen lian’ thing, ‘1/2 lian’ is the BEST 😀

    ANYWAY~ Nice blog you have here, and sorry for crashing into your blog 😀

    • 2

      s0hp0h said,

      wow really? cos I tot the first one was great! and then i dunno the synopsis puts me off a lil in a sense that it sounds like they’ll be apart for pretty much the whole book. Noo, I love lovey dovey stuff hahah, with comedy too, it’s so funny and cute! since that’s what u say, I’ll trust u lol. definitely give it a read! thanks for telling me and for crashing, you are welcome anytime!

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