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I feel so freaking dissapointed. Thought about it all last night, interrupting my sleep. And waited for it the entire morning till 3 in the afternoon till I finally decided, enough is ENOUGH. My stupid exam results. Sigh. Not out yet. Despite them saying it’s going to be today. An email later confirmed that there has been some problems with it and will be completed tomorrow morning. Hopefully. And they added in the email should anyone be offered supp, an email would have been sent out already. I didn’t get any. I just hope that’s a good sign. Because it either mean I pass everything, thus not requiring any supps, OR it can be because I failed too badly, hence no supp. Hope it’s not the latter. I sort of feel better in a way. Not to say I’ll definitely pass, but I sure don’t think that I fail badly *touch wood*.

Anyway, Jusco’s having a big big sale tomorrow, which I hope to be able to grab a few things hehehehhee. And TAG has finally moved forward in terms of planning the year end trip and it sounds so much fun. I love travelling! Going to take lots and lots of pictures to update my Facebook profile man. It’s been stagnant since Pharmacy Pubcrawl, which is like eons ago – seriously, I don’t even rememeber when it was. Speaking of clubbing, I haven’t been doing much or any as a matter of fact. Might hit one of the KL clubs someday. Though I’m not a fan of it, but with friends, it should be good. Plus a very good reason to go all dressy. Ok. I think I’m starting to sound very.. un-me? Lol must be the weather. Totally messing up my brain.

Sigh. I seriously can’t wait till I finally graduate. 2 more freaking years. Sigh. It’s so short yet so long. I really want the freedom to go anywhere I want, whenever I want. And attend all my friends’ weddings! And prank their grooms till they drop! Sigh. Dreams, dreams. So pretty yet so hard to achieve. I believe it will come one day though. Heheh. I really have the best friends in the world! We don’t have to do much and still have lots of fun. We don’t have to say much to understand each other perfectly. Sigh. Where do you get friends like that man? Once in a life time really. And I’m thankful that I have so many of them. Sometimes I really think I’m so damn lucky. For everything in my life has gone well. God might not have gave me a pretty face, a bubbly personality or an Einstein brain but at least I’m very very lucky. Not in terms of winning prizes or anything like that, but just small things in life. It makes such a big difference. I may not have the best parents in the world, but to me they are. My siblings may not be perfect but that’s why they’re special. There’s so many in life that I love and enjoy that maybe, just maybe, I really do have a life afterall! I just hope God is kind enough to not take it away from me. Ah~~ Life is good ^^

p/s I’m not trying to BRAG ok – it sure didn’t sound like that right??? Anyway, just in case if any insane person starts thinking that la. I’m just really really grateful at this very moment and I feel it’s only right if I gave it the proper token of appreciation it deserves.

pp/s Sorry. The post is really random. Sure didn’t know why it end up like that lol.


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