An open letter to Mr Santa Claus

Dear Mr Santa (who may I add is ever so generous and kind and what’s not),

In the short span of two weeks, I’ve bought:
1 trench coat and a bag (yippeeeee!)
2 pairs of shoes
Lots of tops: formal ones, unformal ones woohoo.
Countless other miscellaneous items: jeweleries, nail polish and stickers, hair accessories and photo albums (WTH?).

Now that doesn’t sound like a lot does it? Which is a good thing. Means there is space for more muauahaha. Please don’t misunderstand my evil laugh. It’s only natural that a girl gets so excited about shopping. But sigh, it feels like I’m so broke already. Which is a bad thing seeing the fact that I really haven’t bought enough. Hmmm. Which is why I need you, dear Santa. I’ve never really asked you for anything (well, I don’t believe in your existence since ever) but as I grew older, I realised, free stuff are the best stuff.  And since I’ve never got ANYTHING from you, it does seem pretty fair that you grant me this lil wish, and I swear I’ve been at good for at least one year out of my 22 years of life (come one, there ought to be ONE year where I actually behaved, I’m afraid the odds are against you Santa). So if you can just please oh pretty please give me a tree that grows money? Wait, let me rephrase. YOU have to/must/are obligated to give me a tree that grows money.  Albiet Christmas is still a while away, but I am a very patient girl (in a sense) so I can wait. Thank you very much.

Waiting for your reply,



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  1. 1

    wendy said,

    wahaha..i am sure Santa will be “shocked” when he sees this letter, kekeke. however, if under any circumstances that u did get what u wish for, sohpoh plz share ur christmas gift with us yea? hehe

    here’s some gossip for u (not sure if it’s 100% true)
    sharmaine and andrew are repeating…

  2. 2

    Mischique said,

    hello babe, what a small world eh? to bump into your classmate! anyway u should’ve come to the conference then we would meet! AT LONG LAST! LOL anyway how long will you be back in Malaysia for holidays?

  3. 3

    sohpoh said,

    wendy: OMG u seriousssssss? dat’s like so sad. I feel so god damn lucky!

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