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The new wordpress is annoying me to bits. Grrr. It’s so effing slow and the lousy connection sure didn’t help! Gawddddd! Just trying to create a new post and it took me like a gazillion years. I’m suprised I didn’t give up earlier. Sometimes I really think I have like zero patience man. I hate waiting. Waiting SUCKS big time. Especially when it involves computer and internet. Hate slow computer. Hate slow internet. Everytime I bump into one, I feel like crashing the damn machine altogether. Like seriously, they are supposed to HELP me, yet they do best in making me much more miserable. Siao.

I haven’t been getting my Gossip Girl fix for quite sometime (hence they erraticness, pardon me). But I am doing pretty well so far. Until I start googling about it. Sigh. I want it now! So damn bored and have nothing to do. But I just can’t be bothered to download. Or even stream it. Laziness. Sigh. Anyway, speaking of GG, the day before I head back to Msia, I sent off Sophia to HQ and on my way back, I saw this Asian chic earing a very pretty white dress. And I was like, I’ve seen it somewhere! I thought it maybe of of the countless dresses I saw through my routine window shopping, Forever New maybe? But no. It hit me like a truck. OMFG – It’s the same dress Blair wore to the White party! You know, the one where they shamelessly advertised the new Vitamin water (which btw doesn’t taste very nice and certainly not worth buying). OMGOMG. The dress! So damn pretty! Wow. Anyway, for those who don’t remember, here’s a shot of it (best one I can find with Blair wearing it).

Picture doesn't look very flattering but if you have seen it, you'll know it's so damn PRETTY!

Picture doesn't look very flattering but if you have seen it, you'll know it's so damn PRETTY!

Better quality, but it's a side view

Better quality, but it's a side view

It’s by Marc Jacobs and is actually sold commercially. Wow. How freaking amazing! And the rest of the dresses featured in the show, most of them can also be bought, at an expensive price of course. The white dress cost like 300+. Siao! But then most designer gowns can cost like 10,000 no? So 300 is actually relatively cheap and affordable in a sense. Let me graduate and get my fat paycheck already! I can’t believe the girl wore it to HQ though. It’s like a club filled with drunkies and clumsy people who like to spill drinks on others and break champagne glasses. Like damn dumb lor. The last time I went, my feet and heels was treated to a whole glass of champagne just because some idiot decided to dance and let it loose and wahlaa, guess what, it dropped to the floor laaaaaa! That noob! Imagine if someone spilled into that girl’s dress man (whether accidental or not), I think I would have shoved that damn champange glass into his/her nostrils on spot.

But then again, even if I have the money to buy, doesn’t mean I’ll fit. Damn. And to even think about what I’ve eaten just then. My supper – oh gawd, my mum is evil la. She kept asking if I wanna go buy something to eat. I said no at first, but eventually thought, just a lil nvm, and I went all crazy. Bought too much and I couldn’t finish half of it. But I did the same thing last time during my first pasar malam outing (I just never learn do I?) and I felt really bad wasting all the food like that. Hence I forced myself to finish it this time. How stupid seriously, I was left so freaking full. The food’s nice and all, but sigh, why must good food be so damn oily and fatty and what’s not? I don’t even dare to imagine how many kilos I’ll be gaining this time around. I just hope the orthodontist will be cruel (tigthen my braces gao gao) when I head back to Adelaide with those extra baggage (pun intended).


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