Season greetings…

s0hMood > *Merry merry X’mas*

Yohooo! Merry Christmas everyone! Only dropping by to wish ya all a very Happy X’mas just in case if any of you are miserable enough to be checking my blog even during this festive season. See I’m so considerate towards you people LOL. Sure hope none of you are so kesian la. I was supposed to blog bout Penang but just got all the pics yesterday so I’ll blog some other day. Check the photos on Facebook though, I have been uploading some – tried like so many darn times and they keep failing cause of me stupid hands. Keep cancelling it or turning off the comp, wtfishhhh. Anyway, I decided to upload it in batches to prevent the occurence of such ridiculous mistakes so yea, do check FB if interested. Alright, that’s it for now cause I need to go bathe – going out to a X’mas party and another one tomorrow. So busy, I know!!!  I’m not complaining though =P I’m one for hectic social calenders, I hate days with nothing to do. It’s like so boring and empty.  Especially when these holidays I have virtually no drama marathon going on – I’ve seen the old TVB dramas and the new ones are coming out so slowly T-T. Anyway, got to head off now, so ending with a Merry merry X’mas everyone! Hope Santa grants ya’ll your wishes, and MINE of course too… *hint hint: MY MONEY TREE, I still need it after more deadly rounds to Times Square + Sg Wang yesterday – but I did catch some REAL bargains =)* Toodles~~


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