The end marks a new beginning

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Awww… 2008 is coming to an end! Despite it being a shitty year, it’s sure gonna beat 2009 because according to all the financial predictions, 09 is gonna be a tough cookie. Sigh. I hate bad predilictions. They suck. As for those Chinese New Year ‘fan tai sui’ thingy. Luckily I escape it this coming year, woopeee. Maybe now I’ll have a better year ahead. Anyway. 2008. A long and short year. Long cause I don’t really remember the details, it seems so farrr away. Short cause, hell, it’s ONE year already? Sigh. I know I am contradicting myself here, but please pardon me. The one who has nothing to be proud of 2008. It’s like as if I did not achieved anything and the only thing I can think of, if being able to continue next year as a 4th year dental student. Sure means a lot to me. But also sad to know some friends won’t be joining us. Awwww. I feel bad already. Sigh….. I really think being able to graduate on time is a damn big achievement. It’s hard to think that I have survived those three years. So God, please continue to help me. God knows I need it, A LOT. And not just financially – 2009 sure’s gonna be a bad year in terms of academic cause life in 4th year is a real bitch, or so I heard from seniors. But I love clinic *touch wood*, so hopefully I’ll be ok.

2008. The year started with me getting my FIRST ever extraction and it involves the wisdom tooth. 3rd year student. First time treating real patients. First filling of my ‘potential’ career. Serious cases of insomia throughout the year – am I getting stressed out? First time eating French. Official TAG T-shirts. Got braces! Half-BDS. Dental Loupes. First time being kai-ma. Got addicted to Korean variety show ‘We Got Married’. Hate Kate Tsui for watever she does. Wow. There goes my 2008. How freaking pathetic.

New Year resolution. Let’s see. Study hard, as always but never turned out to work, but still always think it may be DIFF this time. Start exercising since I am getting older >.< and I do realise my health is a great asset – I’m so freaking unfit.  Save more money for retail therapy kekeke. Drink and party less (but I don’t do much of it anyway). Succesfully pass 4th year in 2009. That should be everything? So there goes my 2008. Wish that you all have had a crappy 2008 because only then 2009 will be good. Hope it’s gonna be a blasting ride ahead!!! Best wishes and regards, xoxo, sohpoh.


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  1. 1

    wendy said,

    Happy New year to you too!!
    any idea who is not joining us next year?? so sad to hear that…

    have a great new year eve : )

  2. 2

    sohpoh said,

    u’ll noe when school starts lolol

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