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Sun, sun, go away

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It was fourty freaking five degrees yesterday. So hot that I feel like I’m in one of those autoclave machines (dry heat sterilisation). Now I feel for those poor instruments T-T And it’s going to be like for the rest of the week, and next week. It’s time like this that I wish the weatherman is WRONG. Or that I have pay better attention when Al-Gore mentioned global warming. Sigh. Whoever says summer’s good, have got to be out of their minds. I’ll say winter rocks my socks ANYTIME. The sun’s like literally piercing my skin and it hurts! And it doesn’t get any better when you are on the inside. Typical aussie aircon is not design to handle this kind of heatwave – one moment you feel so cold, the next, it totally fails on you T_____________T I just want to DIE… Kill me please, but make sure it’s with ice =X


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Gong Xi Fatt Chai

s0hMood > *Happy CNY*

OMG, Fixed Pros finally ended teehehehehe. It was such a long week. Everyday 8.30 to 4.30 – adds up to around 40 contact hours a week. Which other crazy course would have that la you tell me? It’s as if I’m working, except I’m paying to do it rather than getting paid. And I don’t even get a FULL hour of lunch time. It’s like 15 to 30 minutes T-T So damn glad it’s OVER (for now, another one more week in three weeks’ time). Next week I am rather free since I already did most of the stuff scheduled whenever I can hehehe and my biggest worries, the natural arch is done, phew. Now I can truly go into holiday mode again – though I must admit I never really got off it, but still, at least I feel better during CNY hehehehe. Ending with a lousy pic taken by my equally lousy hp…

My Adam's crib thingy dunno call what d - sorryla, you should have realise long ago I'm no whr close to a brilliant student

Ortho: My Adam's crib thingy dunno call what d - sorryla, you should have realise long ago I'm no whr close to a brilliant student

So, Happy CNY everyone!!! Hope yours won’t be as boring as mine. Anyhow, wishing you all a prosperous and joyful new year. May the year of Ox be kind to us ^^

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Short one

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Warning: Contents are highly ‘dentified’

My brain and hands has some serious issues. They contradict each other! When we were doing chamfers, I was damn good at doing shoulders, so shoulders it IS. And then when we were supposed to do shoulders, I became good in doing chamfers. WTFish! Omg, and so all my crown preps suck T-T Sighness. I don’t think I’m gifted in this area at all. Crowns and bridges – not my type of money sob sob >.< Maybe I really should just consider ortho since I am pretty alright in bending wires and suck in everything else related to GDP. OMG. So freaking discouraging. Please entertain yourselves while I go drown in my own tears =(

p/s removable pros to come and I sure have an extremely bad feeling about it. I was never good in artsy types of things. Whoever said left handed people are better in art should just go stuff themselves cause clearly, I can’t do shit to save my life 0.o

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Just another proof to my laziness

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I wanted to add eggs into my sandwich and was too lazy to fry them, and too lazy to boil them so I thought, maybe I’ll just pour boiling water over it and it might just work. In fact, I’m so convinced that I knew for sure, it HAS to work. So I was waiting happily, and very long has passed, say 30 minutes? Went back and crack it open. Alas! It’s SO not god damn boiled lor. Sigh. It’s like in this half cooked half raw state – kinda disgusting actually. SO I thought, FINE, I’ll just fry IT. So I walked towards the stove and went passed the microwave. Turned on the light, looking for a small pan, no wait, WHAT? Microwave! That’s right! Save me some time washing the pan! What a brilliant idea. And so I stuffed it into the microwave, put it on 2 minutes and went back to gooling ‘ microwave eggs’ just in case if it’s lethal or something. Sure don’t want to blow up the house you know that sort of thing. So came up like HEAPS of recipe  and one of them says 30 seconds. Right. So I quickly went back and stopped it, don’t know how many seconds has passed, but a look at the egg, and it’s DONE! Woo hoooooo~~ It’s like poached eggs except without the oil. What better than this? I’m am absolutely amazing, I know =)

Disclaimer: Please try above method at own risk. s0hp0h will not, I repeat, WILL NOT be responsible for any eggs harmed in the process.

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Uni again

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Hello people! I’m back from the dead. Literally. Was supposed to do some backdated post, but 1. Can’t be bothered 2. Ya’ll won’t be interested anyway 3. Should only do it when in extreme boredom. Right. So I shall update my recent doings, which has been hell. Again, literally speaking. Sigh. I hate my timetable. It’s just a precommencement one, but it still sucks, BIG TIME. I have classes from 8.30 to 4.30 everday, except for today where I only have an one hour lecture, which I decided not to attend the moment my alarm went off. Tomorrow’s going to be the same old routine again though, sigh. I feel so tired out already! And it has only been a week since Uni started. OH. MY. GOD.

I got my new student card, was going to get one anyway cause they can be changed after three years – an advantage of doing courses longer than 3 years (money being the only other reason, oh I supposed compassion if you INSIST you have one). But the Uni decided to issue every single human a new card because of this new system, what a bummer! Now everyone has that advantage, I’m not special anymore >.< Oh well. I’ve always hated my old one so it’s ok, everyone can get a new one as long as I do too =P And my new one’s much MUCH better, at least it’s not badly stretched (Sorry Wendy, but I lived with mine for three years leh, yours will be only two, nevermind la ya).

Here are some real old piccies taken late last year before I left for Malaysia.

Hot pot - was bulgogi I think?

Hot pot - was spicy soft tofu I think?

Side dishes as usual

Side dishes as usual

Bulgogi hot pot I think

Bulgogi hot pot I think

Korean fried chicken which was really really good

Korean fried chicken which was really really good

Too lazy to write more, so have to wait for next time, which will be, God knows LOL.

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Newbie on Air Asia

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Hello world! I’m back in Adelaide, like I said, reluctantly. Anyway – I have sooo many things to do, and blog. Thought I shall start with the most recent one cause the rest are mostly just pictures, which can be found in FB, so words first.

For the first time, I took Air Asia back and it was, ekhem, unexpected I believe is the most fitting word. I had a lot of luggage (only had 15 kg luggage allowance) and so it was kind of annoying dragging the hand luggages all across the runway to board the plane. That was painful! It’s so damn far away ok and UP the flight of stairs, it was hell! The wonders of an air bridge! KLIA wins a mile in this! But in terms of price, Air Asia definitely wins hands down!

Then into the plane, first glance, the seats are damn small la. They’re like a bit smaller than conventional MAS and SIA ones. They have the 3 3 3 seats arrangement instead of 2 3 2. Lucky for us (I was travelling with a coussie) there wasn’t much people on the flight (according to a dude on the chatroom, 100+ only) and so the seats are empty so 2 of us took up 3 seats. And then it was wide as! Imagine having to cramp though, would have been horrible really. And the seats are reclinable in a special way. You don’t go backwards, rather the seat slides forward. So in a way you are reclining at you own expense of the leg space. I like that man! Everytime I’m on those MAS flights, those damn people always recline their freaking seat until I have no space to even place down the tray and the TV is practically IN my face. Uncivillised people, talk about tolerance tsk tsk tsk. Speaking of TV, the entertainment in Air Asia cost 30 ringgit/13 Aud but it still isn’t as great as MAS ones. MAS wins even though MAS has crappy entertainment too.

The food, hmm. Hard to comment on cos they’re equally shit (SIA is much MUCH better). Portion in Air Asia is smaller though – but they do have other snacks that you can purchase like 1901 hotdogs for 9 ringgit each, omg YUM! And MAS food has more variety I suppose, with bread and salad and what’s not. Oh by the way, outside food are not allowed in Ais Asia – there goes my thought of buying a prosperity burger meal lol. That would have been heavenly though!

Oh did I mention that I was flying on an airbus?!!! Though I couldn’t feel the difference la, but it’s still an airbus! Boeing sucks! (for no apparent reason lol). But it did ony take less than 8 hours to Melb. So 1 more flag for Air Asia! The air stewardess. First of all, let me just say SIA ones are definitely THE BEST (in terms of appearance, service etc), but I think MAS deserves a second except for the occasional rude ones who think her father owns the plane. Other than that, definitely a clean second. Air Asia stewardess has a damn ugg red uniform and they don’t tie up their hair, which I think is rather unhygienic, especially those damn long ones, like down to almost waist length. Imagine finding one of those in your nasi lemak. Ewww. And like when they bend over to like serve you food and having their hair brush across your face! That might have been a turn on if I was some old ah peks, but it’s just kind of gross, I mean, I do not know when is the last time you wash your hair right? And this isn’t aim towards all of them, but the head air stewardess has a damn weird tone of words. She was like explaining stuff over the PA system and she sounded so try hard it’s not even funny. By that I mean in like a sexy tone I supposed, but it sounded more slutty than what’s not. It’s like she added uh in a subtle way but oh so obvious after every syllabus, HOW FREAKING annoying is that? I swear I was this close to strangling her when she said “This flight is uh, D7 uh 27 uh 28”. Even my coussie was giving me that wth look, doesn’t understand a single word she’s saying.

The flight itself was ok, I mean I’m no expert in aviation so I dunno how much turbulence is considered ok and not so no comments on that except it was a safe flight. Which is important in my list. Other than that, I didn’t really have the chance to explore stuff, oh, the lavatory was smaller! But then Air Asia has newer aircrafts. Everything looks sparkly white! Overall, in terms of quality I will choose SIA first la, then MAS then only Air Asia. But if the price is considered, then maybe Air Asia or MAS first cause SIA is always so expensive T-T. Anyway, I think I didn’t leave out anything so that’s it! Off to grab some food now!

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Happy New Year – a bit late, but still, HNY everyone

s0hMood > *tired*

A few more days to touching down down under. And a few more days after that to the commencement of 4th year (WOW, now I know how it feels to be SO close to graduation – albiet there’s still 2 years, but after you have been studying for 3 long years, 2’s like nothing lor). And another few more days after that to my ortho appointment. It’s irrelevant but I’m trying to keep the flow of the post la ok?

Sigh, I have like so many things to do!!! And I still haven’t pack my things. I have no idea how the hell am I going to fit all my shit into the very very minimum luggage allowance. Sob sob. I hate packing. And the unpacking. Sighness. I have a LOT to unpack. Not just my luggage, but ALL of my stuff in Adl which have been packed in boxes.

Then into fourth year of dent. Woohooo! First of all, I think I have failed to make an official announcement in my blog that, yes I did make it to fourth year, and THANK GOD for that. But the sad thing is I know a few friends who aren’t going to be joining us. Awww. And one of them is quite a close friend of mine who I’ve kept hidden from the rest because I decided to let the news come from the person his/herself. I dunno why I did it because the person didn’t specifically told me to, but I just felt it’s only right to do so. I know other people are not being kepo, but just out of pure concern, it’s just that I still feel no matter what, I want to respect his/her privacy. To that very person if you are reading, just know that you will definitely be missed!!!!! Sigh, I was feeling bad about that for a while and it’s probably going to be worse when the year really starts.

About the year, I’ve just found out the first day starts at 8.30 am and that we have to be dressed appropriately for clinic/lab. WTFish. We weren’t even given the timetables yet. This makes me slightly nervous man. Sounds so scary and packed and like, crazy! I have always known 4th year as the most gruelling year, but it sure didn’t hit me till like just then. To say that I’m not excited, I have to be lying. But I am not ALL that excited la, (perhaps I am, I really can’t make it out at this time) so at least I’m not that all of a geeky nutcase. Actually scrap that. I can never be geeky. Calling it ‘pointless enthusiasm’ is probably the utmost appropriate. But for this to be my future career, it’s only right if I kind of like it right?

But to think the amount of prep I need to do before school commence is freaking me out. I need to like read up Endo and Fixed and removable pros (especially removables). Die la die la die laaaaaaaaaa. I can already see myself getting bombarded with questions with nothing to say than just standing there looking like an idiot. I HATE thattttttt. Anyway, will update more about this holiday when I’m back. There’s too many freaking photos and I really need a bit more time for that. So stay close ^^

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