Happy New Year – a bit late, but still, HNY everyone

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A few more days to touching down down under. And a few more days after that to the commencement of 4th year (WOW, now I know how it feels to be SO close to graduation – albiet there’s still 2 years, but after you have been studying for 3 long years, 2’s like nothing lor). And another few more days after that to my ortho appointment. It’s irrelevant but I’m trying to keep the flow of the post la ok?

Sigh, I have like so many things to do!!! And I still haven’t pack my things. I have no idea how the hell am I going to fit all my shit into the very very minimum luggage allowance. Sob sob. I hate packing. And the unpacking. Sighness. I have a LOT to unpack. Not just my luggage, but ALL of my stuff in Adl which have been packed in boxes.

Then into fourth year of dent. Woohooo! First of all, I think I have failed to make an official announcement in my blog that, yes I did make it to fourth year, and THANK GOD for that. But the sad thing is I know a few friends who aren’t going to be joining us. Awww. And one of them is quite a close friend of mine who I’ve kept hidden from the rest because I decided to let the news come from the person his/herself. I dunno why I did it because the person didn’t specifically told me to, but I just felt it’s only right to do so. I know other people are not being kepo, but just out of pure concern, it’s just that I still feel no matter what, I want to respect his/her privacy. To that very person if you are reading, just know that you will definitely be missed!!!!! Sigh, I was feeling bad about that for a while and it’s probably going to be worse when the year really starts.

About the year, I’ve just found out the first day starts at 8.30 am and that we have to be dressed appropriately for clinic/lab. WTFish. We weren’t even given the timetables yet. This makes me slightly nervous man. Sounds so scary and packed and like, crazy! I have always known 4th year as the most gruelling year, but it sure didn’t hit me till like just then. To say that I’m not excited, I have to be lying. But I am not ALL that excited la, (perhaps I am, I really can’t make it out at this time) so at least I’m not that all of a geeky nutcase. Actually scrap that. I can never be geeky. Calling it ‘pointless enthusiasm’ is probably the utmost appropriate. But for this to be my future career, it’s only right if I kind of like it right?

But to think the amount of prep I need to do before school commence is freaking me out. I need to like read up Endo and Fixed and removable pros (especially removables). Die la die la die laaaaaaaaaa. I can already see myself getting bombarded with questions with nothing to say than just standing there looking like an idiot. I HATE thattttttt. Anyway, will update more about this holiday when I’m back. There’s too many freaking photos and I really need a bit more time for that. So stay close ^^


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  1. 1

    wendy said,

    bon voyage 🙂 have a safe flight back to adelaide ~
    oh no…i haven’t touch anything since exam finished =S
    can’t believe we are heading back to uni so soon…sobsob..

  2. 2

    sohpoh said,

    lol u too!!!! have a safe flight!!!!

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