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Hello people! I’m back from the dead. Literally. Was supposed to do some backdated post, but 1. Can’t be bothered 2. Ya’ll won’t be interested anyway 3. Should only do it when in extreme boredom. Right. So I shall update my recent doings, which has been hell. Again, literally speaking. Sigh. I hate my timetable. It’s just a precommencement one, but it still sucks, BIG TIME. I have classes from 8.30 to 4.30 everday, except for today where I only have an one hour lecture, which I decided not to attend the moment my alarm went off. Tomorrow’s going to be the same old routine again though, sigh. I feel so tired out already! And it has only been a week since Uni started. OH. MY. GOD.

I got my new student card, was going to get one anyway cause they can be changed after three years – an advantage of doing courses longer than 3 years (money being the only other reason, oh I supposed compassion if you INSIST you have one). But the Uni decided to issue every single human a new card because of this new system, what a bummer! Now everyone has that advantage, I’m not special anymore >.< Oh well. I’ve always hated my old one so it’s ok, everyone can get a new one as long as I do too =P And my new one’s much MUCH better, at least it’s not badly stretched (Sorry Wendy, but I lived with mine for three years leh, yours will be only two, nevermind la ya).

Here are some real old piccies taken late last year before I left for Malaysia.

Hot pot - was bulgogi I think?

Hot pot - was spicy soft tofu I think?

Side dishes as usual

Side dishes as usual

Bulgogi hot pot I think

Bulgogi hot pot I think

Korean fried chicken which was really really good

Korean fried chicken which was really really good

Too lazy to write more, so have to wait for next time, which will be, God knows LOL.


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