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Warning: Contents are highly ‘dentified’

My brain and hands has some serious issues. They contradict each other! When we were doing chamfers, I was damn good at doing shoulders, so shoulders it IS. And then when we were supposed to do shoulders, I became good in doing chamfers. WTFish! Omg, and so all my crown preps suck T-T Sighness. I don’t think I’m gifted in this area at all. Crowns and bridges – not my type of money sob sob >.< Maybe I really should just consider ortho since I am pretty alright in bending wires and suck in everything else related to GDP. OMG. So freaking discouraging. Please entertain yourselves while I go drown in my own tears =(

p/s removable pros to come and I sure have an extremely bad feeling about it. I was never good in artsy types of things. Whoever said left handed people are better in art should just go stuff themselves cause clearly, I can’t do shit to save my life 0.o


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  1. 1

    wendy said,

    clearly that’s not true, u did pretty good crown preps !! ..i am the one who’s struggling in bending wires, doing crown preps and etc 😦
    don’t think removable pros will be better either..but if compare ortho or fixed pros, i will go for fixed pros

  2. 2

    sohpoh said,

    oh please, at least u have proper shoulders and chamfers Lol…

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