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I had the worsttttttt ever bus ride of my life today.If you think this is some stupid rant like, oh no seats left, or like oh no, someone’s breast feeding in the bus (which I think is uncool by the way, nothing against it, just that at least have the decency to cover up a lil, it’s kind of hard not to watch you know? Not like I’ m a pervert or anything, it’s just plain awkward…). It’s more like, someone pooped his/her pants. Wtfish. I actually hesitated before taking that seat, sigh should have follow my gut feeling because that passenger did look a bit like a bum, but I thought, don’t judge a book by it’s cover you know? I have always tried to sit next to girls, preferably Asians, but aunties or grandma have to be Caucasian lolol -again nothing against them, just that I feel more comfortable that way, I don’t like to invade other people’s personal space, especially when I’m not sure if they will be ok with it. I know it’s stupid and I think too much, it’s just a freaking bus ride, but aiya, I’m like that so how????? Anyway, before I digress further, SO I braved myself and sat down, feeling like the mostttt undiscriminating/unjudgemental person ever, JUST to knock the words right back down my throat. I totally regretted seating there OMFG! At first I smell something strong, like those oil essence thing, which I also hate by the way. That must have came from the woman in front. When I held my head straight though, wahsai, I literally smell ‘sai’ which means shit in my ancestral dialect. Uh oh, alarm bells ringing – someone pooped his/her pants. Sighness. How la? Why got people like that la you tell me? Don’t even bother to like clean up? Zzzzz. They say putting on make up is a sign of respect to others, I say making sure you don’t smell like shit surely trumps the list, no? It was like a whaft of smelliness then a swift of overpowering essence smell, and when mixed together, is totally strong enough to kill an elephant. I’m just a very mere human ok, why torture me like thattttt? I was feeling so dizzy, wanted to puke at one stage. Decided to like comfort/control myself by tilting my head to the side, listening to songs and close my eyes. My theory is, if I fall asleep then I won’t smell anything right? Obviously that didn’t work. I did contemplate getting off the bus and wait for the next one, but I really can’t be bothered. I know it would have been wayyyyy easier to just swap places, but I didn’t dare too. I don’t like to insult other people this way, even though in this case, he/she probably deserved it – I was almost fainting ok? I felt it’s a bit rude, and the politeness in me (seriously why did it choose to come out TODAY, of ALL DAYS FFS?) just forced myself to stay put. After an excruciating period of time which felt like hours, the person finally got down the bus, I was like, PRAISE THE LORD. But the place stilllll smell after, albiet not as strong, but still damn horrible. So I quickly switched places. And in a matter of minutes, I fell asleep and by the time I woke up, it’s SUPER near my stop. Luckily I didn’t miss it. Phew!


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Due to absolute boredom, I shall bombard you guys with pictures took in Malaysia =P It seems like my blog’s pretty empty anyway so why not? Most of you have probably seen it in Facebook, erm, just pretend you didn’t la lol. So here goes….

Han’s birthday at Chili’s, Midvalley. The food, mmmmm……..

Yummy chicken burgerCaeser saladLamb shoulderChicken Fish

The people……. (my normal readers probably already know all the names, so no need to repeat la haha)dsc02142dsc02148dsc02146dsc02166

The excessive camwhoring begins… (shamelessly in Chili’s, sigh, we shall never ever step there again XD)dsc02167

Mock a class photo pose…


Candid pose…. dsc02170

Mock a club photo pose


Wing Chun Club (inspired by watching Ip Man lololol)dsc02179

Other camwhorings… dsc022251dsc02198

The punch a ghost pose…


The see teeth no see eyes pose.. dsc02194

Last but not least, a groupie!!!!


Gosh, this has took me longer than I expect. So damn difficult to load photos here laaa, I’ll do more next time ^^. Ciaoz…

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I think I completely blew my FP test, but I deserved it. Sighness. But then the questions were so difficult, so I can only comfort myself that no matter how much harder I studied, wouldn’t have know the answers anyway, cause I seriously didn’t expect the scope of it to be that wide. For goodness sake. Sigh. Anyway. I’m really amazed at what people search in my blog. Lol. Names arer always popular, but you know what’s the MOSTest popular (if that’s a word), it’s always SEX. -.- As if I am running a porno website, what la, I don’t even have pictures closeeee to being sexy, what’s more nude. And I am sureee I didn’t mention those provocative words and don’t know how the hell they found my blog. Today I saw one. Neopet Sex. OMG. I did blog about neopets before la, but wtfish, NEOPETS SEX???? This is so damn sick ok. Sicker than the woman who used her heels to stamp this poot kitten to death. Actually nola, that woman is so much sicker. To the person if you are still reading, wtfish, get a life you pervert zzz..

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Why oh why?

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Out of all days, why must this be the freaking day where I screw up my temporary crown?!! Freak! It’s part of the assessment. Sigh. Big chance I might have to redo it. Sien lor. I thought I have a kick ass PBM prep so the temp crown should be easy. God only knows what happen, everything just went wrong you know? Sighness. I don’t even want to elaborate. Might as well just do it again LOL. It’s not that bad la, just that I feel very unlucky cause the whole week has been great, up to today – it’s like the WORST temp crown I’ve ever done T___T. Curse my luck eh? Totally jinxed it =(

On a lighter note, it’s end of the week and end of my commencement term stuff. I only have one session with children’s dentistry and that’s it. Woo hoo! Entitled to bludge through the entire week =P

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This must be my lucky day!

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I was in bed, contemplating whether I should get my ass up and get ready for the early morning lecture. It took me like two seconds to decide nah, I’ll give it a miss (note: I only skip like once every week only OK!). And turned out there wasn’t a lecture this morning, woohoo~ I would have been very pissed if I was to turn up just to find out at that very moment, we don’t have a freaking lecture. They seriously ought to improve their organisation man.

And then I took the bus slightly late, but luckily I made it on time. And clinic was a breeze today, I freaking love veneer preps OMG! But then (at this point, boys if any, should skip to the next paragraph) I realised I got my period unannounced. Sighness. The lucky thing though is my friend has pad, so yayness – no accidents there.

Then the second clinical session, I have my fair share of queue jumpers AGAIN – but but but, it was way better than yesterday, so an improvement surely is GOOD right? I also utilise the waiting time to do another prep so by the time the tutor comes around, I already finished both and the tutor is so very nice to sign off both wahahha. So I manage to finish at 3pm.

Then I went shopping since it’s so early, and went into my favourite place Target (since it has like a bit of everything and is damn near to my bus stop) and found some hair products. I saw this straigthening balm which was on 50% discount so it was around 6 bucks I think. Went to pay and found out it was further discounted to only 2.86 aud. WAH, so damn good, by this point, I am already feeling it, the day cannot get any better seriously!

So I went to the bus stop, argh, just missed my bus. Zzz. It wasn’t peak hour, means 30 minutes wait. Sien. So I walked to the next bus stop ahead cause there’s some shops down there, so I’ll just do more browsing to kill time. Turns out though, by the time I reach that bus stop, my bus came! Don’t know why, maybe the bus I missed was running really late, anyway, got on the bus and it’s so much emptier! The bliss of public transport at it’s max!

Now if only all my days are like that =)

p/s Happy Chap Goh Mei everyone! Yuan xiao jie kuai le!

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Wipes sweat

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And I thought the super awful heat wave is FINALLY over. Little did I know, it is just God’s cruel joke on us unworthy humans. Sigh. It’s 43 tomorrow. Yep, you didn’t read it wrong – fourty.freaking.three. Can someone invent a portable air conditioner already???!!!

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I was watching the Aus Open and then decided it’s too stressful so I stopped. I can only imagine how it’s like for Fed’s fiance. I never felt so tense leh, it’s even worse than when I’m taking exams. It’s so pathetic but true! I just couldn’t bear watching =( And then he lost T_____T I hate Nadal lo yorrrrrrrrrrr. Sigh. So stupid. Haih. So saddening. Haih. Why la like that???????!!!! I know you nadal supporters must be laughing your ass off, hmmphhhh. I seriously can’t believe how many mistakes Federer made OMG. Ah, what to do, lose d means lose d. Can only try better next time. I still heart you Fed!

I don’t know why but I do have this tendency to hang on to the greats and dislike those ‘new’ greats. But maybe it’s because of their arrogance, really has nothing to do with me right since the majority of people also don’t like them. Stupid Nadal. Just like in swimming, I used to like Ian Thorpe a lot. And then comes Micheal Phelps. Also very damn arrogant. Cis. I hate this kind of confidence. Very damn annoying can. And then he lost. Buahahahha. Then in the next Olympics when Thorpie is not competing, he got and win 8. Sibeh *&%^%^$)@!+*. And now Phelps is embroilled in a doping scandal (me laughing VERY LOUDLY but silently inside). And the boyband 5566, omg I hated them like siao! They were so arrongant that their manager were like saying they can win F4 or whatever (not that I really like F4 to begin with, or that 5566 was anywhere close to being considered great, aiya you get my point la?). Look who’s the stupid ones now huh? But not all newcomers are arrogant la, like when Jay Chou first came out, he was often compaired to David Tao, and regardless of him winning miles ahead, he’s still ever so humble. See la, good raised kid. Unlike some jerks *cough cough you know who cough cough*.

Gahhh, I’ve got Endo tomorrow. Better go sleep.Toodles~

p/s Fed, I really do still heart you! Please win next time ok!

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