Wipes sweat

s0hMood > *image currently unavailable due to extreme weather*

And I thought the super awful heat wave is FINALLY over. Little did I know, it is just God’s cruel joke on us unworthy humans. Sigh. It’s 43 tomorrow. Yep, you didn’t read it wrong – fourty.freaking.three. Can someone invent a portable air conditioner already???!!!


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    k-Ann said,


    how are you? sorry if this may seem random, but yea, i was kinda bored and jsut googled random stuff, stumbled upon your blog. i know this may be quite surprising, coz it’s kinda surprising for me as well. but i do hope maybe we can catch up for a bit. hehe

    your standard one friend.

  2. 2

    s0hp0h said,

    wow, that’s like superrrrr amazing! I seriously cried OH OMY GOD out loud! man, how have u been!!!!!!!!???? Sorry, I noe I’m like overreacting, but it is reli amazing hahaha. yes we should catch up some time hehe, do you have msn?????

  3. 3

    k-Ann said,

    haha, no worries i’m sure it’s kinda shocking..=P after so many years.hehe
    send me ur msn to my email la, coz i;m kinda paranoid with the whole internet spy and spam thing..lol

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