This must be my lucky day!

s0hMood > *Happy CNY*

I was in bed, contemplating whether I should get my ass up and get ready for the early morning lecture. It took me like two seconds to decide nah, I’ll give it a miss (note: I only skip like once every week only OK!). And turned out there wasn’t a lecture this morning, woohoo~ I would have been very pissed if I was to turn up just to find out at that very moment, we don’t have a freaking lecture. They seriously ought to improve their organisation man.

And then I took the bus slightly late, but luckily I made it on time. And clinic was a breeze today, I freaking love veneer preps OMG! But then (at this point, boys if any, should skip to the next paragraph) I realised I got my period unannounced. Sighness. The lucky thing though is my friend has pad, so yayness – no accidents there.

Then the second clinical session, I have my fair share of queue jumpers AGAIN – but but but, it was way better than yesterday, so an improvement surely is GOOD right? I also utilise the waiting time to do another prep so by the time the tutor comes around, I already finished both and the tutor is so very nice to sign off both wahahha. So I manage to finish at 3pm.

Then I went shopping since it’s so early, and went into my favourite place Target (since it has like a bit of everything and is damn near to my bus stop) and found some hair products. I saw this straigthening balm which was on 50% discount so it was around 6 bucks I think. Went to pay and found out it was further discounted to only 2.86 aud. WAH, so damn good, by this point, I am already feeling it, the day cannot get any better seriously!

So I went to the bus stop, argh, just missed my bus. Zzz. It wasn’t peak hour, means 30 minutes wait. Sien. So I walked to the next bus stop ahead cause there’s some shops down there, so I’ll just do more browsing to kill time. Turns out though, by the time I reach that bus stop, my bus came! Don’t know why, maybe the bus I missed was running really late, anyway, got on the bus and it’s so much emptier! The bliss of public transport at it’s max!

Now if only all my days are like that =)

p/s Happy Chap Goh Mei everyone! Yuan xiao jie kuai le!


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  1. 1

    wendy5312 said,

    wow, u do have a lucky day : )

  2. 2

    summer said,

    wah, sure a very good day leh… jealous, i want also… LOL… ;P

  3. 3

    s0hp0h said,

    wendy and summer: lol i think I get contempt very easily.. ahahah, not like I get any windfall hmm

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