Why oh why?

s0hMood > *angry*

Out of all days, why must this be the freaking day where I screw up my temporary crown?!! Freak! It’s part of the assessment. Sigh. Big chance I might have to redo it. Sien lor. I thought I have a kick ass PBM prep so the temp crown should be easy. God only knows what happen, everything just went wrong you know? Sighness. I don’t even want to elaborate. Might as well just do it again LOL. It’s not that bad la, just that I feel very unlucky cause the whole week has been great, up to today – it’s like the WORST temp crown I’ve ever done T___T. Curse my luck eh? Totally jinxed it =(

On a lighter note, it’s end of the week and end of my commencement term stuff. I only have one session with children’s dentistry and that’s it. Woo hoo! Entitled to bludge through the entire week =P


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