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Due to absolute boredom, I shall bombard you guys with pictures took in Malaysia =P It seems like my blog’s pretty empty anyway so why not? Most of you have probably seen it in Facebook, erm, just pretend you didn’t la lol. So here goes….

Han’s birthday at Chili’s, Midvalley. The food, mmmmm……..

Yummy chicken burgerCaeser saladLamb shoulderChicken Fish

The people……. (my normal readers probably already know all the names, so no need to repeat la haha)dsc02142dsc02148dsc02146dsc02166

The excessive camwhoring begins… (shamelessly in Chili’s, sigh, we shall never ever step there again XD)dsc02167

Mock a class photo pose…


Candid pose…. dsc02170

Mock a club photo pose


Wing Chun Club (inspired by watching Ip Man lololol)dsc02179

Other camwhorings… dsc022251dsc02198

The punch a ghost pose…


The see teeth no see eyes pose.. dsc02194

Last but not least, a groupie!!!!


Gosh, this has took me longer than I expect. So damn difficult to load photos here laaa, I’ll do more next time ^^. Ciaoz…


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