s0hMood > *cry*

I think I completely blew my FP test, but I deserved it. Sighness. But then the questions were so difficult, so I can only comfort myself that no matter how much harder I studied, wouldn’t have know the answers anyway, cause I seriously didn’t expect the scope of it to be that wide. For goodness sake. Sigh. Anyway. I’m really amazed at what people search in my blog. Lol. Names arer always popular, but you know what’s the MOSTest popular (if that’s a word), it’s always SEX. -.- As if I am running a porno website, what la, I don’t even have pictures closeeee to being sexy, what’s more nude. And I am sureee I didn’t mention those provocative words and don’t know how the hell they found my blog. Today I saw one. Neopet Sex. OMG. I did blog about neopets before la, but wtfish, NEOPETS SEX???? This is so damn sick ok. Sicker than the woman who used her heels to stamp this poot kitten to death. Actually nola, that woman is so much sicker. To the person if you are still reading, wtfish, get a life you pervert zzz..


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