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I had the worsttttttt ever bus ride of my life today.If you think this is some stupid rant like, oh no seats left, or like oh no, someone’s breast feeding in the bus (which I think is uncool by the way, nothing against it, just that at least have the decency to cover up a lil, it’s kind of hard not to watch you know? Not like I’ m a pervert or anything, it’s just plain awkward…). It’s more like, someone pooped his/her pants. Wtfish. I actually hesitated before taking that seat, sigh should have follow my gut feeling because that passenger did look a bit like a bum, but I thought, don’t judge a book by it’s cover you know? I have always tried to sit next to girls, preferably Asians, but aunties or grandma have to be Caucasian lolol -again nothing against them, just that I feel more comfortable that way, I don’t like to invade other people’s personal space, especially when I’m not sure if they will be ok with it. I know it’s stupid and I think too much, it’s just a freaking bus ride, but aiya, I’m like that so how????? Anyway, before I digress further, SO I braved myself and sat down, feeling like the mostttt undiscriminating/unjudgemental person ever, JUST to knock the words right back down my throat. I totally regretted seating there OMFG! At first I smell something strong, like those oil essence thing, which I also hate by the way. That must have came from the woman in front. When I held my head straight though, wahsai, I literally smell ‘sai’ which means shit in my ancestral dialect. Uh oh, alarm bells ringing – someone pooped his/her pants. Sighness. How la? Why got people like that la you tell me? Don’t even bother to like clean up? Zzzzz. They say putting on make up is a sign of respect to others, I say making sure you don’t smell like shit surely trumps the list, no? It was like a whaft of smelliness then a swift of overpowering essence smell, and when mixed together, is totally strong enough to kill an elephant. I’m just a very mere human ok, why torture me like thattttt? I was feeling so dizzy, wanted to puke at one stage. Decided to like comfort/control myself by tilting my head to the side, listening to songs and close my eyes. My theory is, if I fall asleep then I won’t smell anything right? Obviously that didn’t work. I did contemplate getting off the bus and wait for the next one, but I really can’t be bothered. I know it would have been wayyyyy easier to just swap places, but I didn’t dare too. I don’t like to insult other people this way, even though in this case, he/she probably deserved it – I was almost fainting ok? I felt it’s a bit rude, and the politeness in me (seriously why did it choose to come out TODAY, of ALL DAYS FFS?) just forced myself to stay put. After an excruciating period of time which felt like hours, the person finally got down the bus, I was like, PRAISE THE LORD. But the place stilllll smell after, albiet not as strong, but still damn horrible. So I quickly switched places. And in a matter of minutes, I fell asleep and by the time I woke up, it’s SUPER near my stop. Luckily I didn’t miss it. Phew!


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  1. 1

    summer said,

    Wahlau… speechless… lol…

  2. 2

    sohpoh said,

    yaleh.. I also feel damn sorry for myself LOL

  3. 3

    Pseudopie said,

    title couldn’t have been more apt – “holy shit”


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