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The findings

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I was doing my pharmacology tute and although I kind of like this subject, I never had a good look at the lectures (yet) and I’m totally lost for most of the questions. Sighness.

My tute

My tute

The desparation of a lazy dent girl who don’t even wanna go through her lecture notes calls for a frantic google search.To my surprise, like VERY surprised, I found this…..

What I googled

What I googled

WAH!!!! This is 666! Didn’t know they were so high tech hahaha. Anyway, not all of the questions were similar, but STILL! And I googled some other question which wasn’t there (out of curiosity) and other matches came up. It’s like 100% the same with some textbook questions. Gosh. This is so damn funyyyyy hahaha. Save me time. But I didn’t plagiarise ok ekhem ekhem, I just referenced ONLY =P


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Gosh, I have been partying a lot lately >.< Not that I really want to, it just happens. Why must everything always come at once? Anyway, the Pharm Pubcrawl is coming soon, but I won’t be able to go, how sad T___T Not because I’m like a party animal and can’t miss out a single event kind of thing, just that I usually attend Pharm pubcrawl. In actual fact, I’ve been to most of it, even more so than the Dent ones =P Why? I don’t know leh. Pharm one always have so much more hype to it. Dent one in comparison is so, ugh. Anyway, might change my mind this year since not gonna be going to the Pharm one. Maybe only la. See first.

This is my DA week, woohoo, another bludging week. Sigh, I’ve been skipping more lectures than I needed to and it’s like so much more. To make it sound really bad, the amount I’ve skipped is like MORE than what I’ve skipped for the whole last year. Actually wait, make that all the three years of dent. How freaking sad. I’m supposed to be more motivated. Zzzz. I feel so guilty…. I’m gonna print all my lectures out and like bind them pretty so that it will motivate me to study. Hopefully. *Fingers crossed* I have to catch up on so many notes. God. Sigh, sorryla, I really have nothing interesting to say. Damn sad wei. I’ve been meaning to get some piccies from other people, but still haven’t got around to doing so. Will try to do them soon so that my blog don’t turn into some abandoned shitass uninteresting pictureless boring as siao piece of crap, more than it already is. Hoping for a more interesting post next time *fingers crossed again*. Ciao bellos, gonna try to make it to the lecture tomorrow. Toodles~

p/s To sum up the night yesterday: Sore back, blistered feet, face is not too bad, ‘smokey’ hair, and oh, the Redsquare stamp is still there.

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Omg. So so gross.

What happened was, I was walking home from the bus stop and almost reaching my place when this dude came across the road and asked if he can walk with me? Since I am very near my house, so I just declined and say it’s ok. But he walked with me still, regardless. And started asking questions. So I just answered la, thought he’s being friendly and just trying to assure that I’m safely home that kind of thing.

Anyway, it’s only took like 1 minute and I’m in front of the house liao so I said bye and thanks but he continued to talk talk talk. And ask if I wanna hang out and shit like that, which I kindly said no. I just want to freaking get home you know, cause it was kind of cold and I reallyyyyyy needed to pee. OMFG. Anyway, so after like one or two minutes of pointless convo, I just said I have to get in and he’s like mumbling, so I was like huh? Then he said, come closer, I was like yea? And I just said I really need to get in and he proceeded to shake my hand, which was fine, but then he freaking kissed it. Ewwwww. And wanted to dunno hug me or whatever but I just pushed him and say it’s OK. So so grossssss la can? The saliva, ewwwwwwww. I quickly run inside, shuddering and washed my hand. Sob sob. Contaminated hand T____________T It’s nothing major la, but why I still feel so damn disgusted. Sigh. Another culture shock.

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Short note

It’s kind of weird, the fact that Fb has quite a lot of professional users. Take for example, in MySpace or Friendster, you just don’t expect to see your boss’ profile. You are more likely to discover some lil brats who are celeb wannabes with a gazillion friends, or like some dude dressing up like a woman with damn show-off cleavage. It’s so damn weird. I was just looking at random stuff (trying to procrastinate from Fixed Pros T____T have to resit the damn test) and stumble upon profiles’ of some tutors, *cough cough* one particular previous tutor actually *cough cough*. Zzzz. A bit scary wei. Note to self: DO NOT BITCH IN FACEBOOK.

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Haven’t been blogging much lately. That’s cause there’s nothing much to blog about. Zzz. Sad life. Like nothing worth blogging. Other than Dent school. It’s a bit repetitive isn’t it? Like all I ever blog about it dent dent and dent. And all XXX ever blog about is HQ HQ and HQ. And all YYY ever blog about, no wait, YYY don’t blog anymore. Zzzz. Are you confused with all the letters yet?

Actually I did do some interesting things last month. Haven’t got the pictures back yet though, so that shall come when I finally get my hands on some pics cause it’s kind of boring describing certain occasions without pics. So for now, I can only go back to the same old rant. Did I say 4th year is damn hard? 3rd year comes nooooooo where near 4 th year ok? It’s like heaven and hell. Except for 3rd year Dnd, that was really bad. Other than that, 3rd year was kind of good. Now clinics are a nightmare and to think that I actually used to enjoy them. It’s just a bit too much. Everything at once, so many patients going on and have different needs, which reminds me of the list of stuff I need to clarify before their next appointments. Sigh. It really sucks to be a student. Have to ring up the GP ourselves. Have to check on lab models, make sure everything’s done before next appointment even though we requested for it already. I feel so tired. In fact, I was running on low spirit right after PCU. And that was on Tuesday. It feels like the LONGEST week ever. The amount of clinics. Gosh.

To those who don’t know, let me tell you what I am up for yea. Basically 8am to 4.15pm every weekday and sometimes later depending on how efficient I am (and also the tutor) in clinic, and rarely is the case that I’ll be out on time. I have a total of *count count count* 7 clinics on the week I’m rostered in (which is every fortnight, so one week full on, one week not so much) and 1 of the clinics don’t start until next term so that’s a relief. The sad thing is though, that clinic is all the way in, some isolated suburb. Sigh. I don’t even know where that is yet. I’m just hoping for it to miraculously jump out from the map itself kind of thing you know?

Grrr. I am really kind of pissed with the school sometimes. So so soooo unorganised. Like seriously laaaaaaaa. Haiyor, when are they gonna get their act together. They can just cancel a 3 hour lecture like that. And suka suka go change the timetable. Like helloooo? Mind telling us earlier mou? Sigh sigh. I seriouslyyyyy expected better. Like WAY better. Oh well. Nevermindla. Sien. I’ll just go punch my rabbit or something. Toodles.

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