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Omg. So so gross.

What happened was, I was walking home from the bus stop and almost reaching my place when this dude came across the road and asked if he can walk with me? Since I am very near my house, so I just declined and say it’s ok. But he walked with me still, regardless. And started asking questions. So I just answered la, thought he’s being friendly and just trying to assure that I’m safely home that kind of thing.

Anyway, it’s only took like 1 minute and I’m in front of the house liao so I said bye and thanks but he continued to talk talk talk. And ask if I wanna hang out and shit like that, which I kindly said no. I just want to freaking get home you know, cause it was kind of cold and I reallyyyyyy needed to pee. OMFG. Anyway, so after like one or two minutes of pointless convo, I just said I have to get in and he’s like mumbling, so I was like huh? Then he said, come closer, I was like yea? And I just said I really need to get in and he proceeded to shake my hand, which was fine, but then he freaking kissed it. Ewwwww. And wanted to dunno hug me or whatever but I just pushed him and say it’s OK. So so grossssss la can? The saliva, ewwwwwwww. I quickly run inside, shuddering and washed my hand. Sob sob. Contaminated hand T____________T It’s nothing major la, but why I still feel so damn disgusted. Sigh. Another culture shock.


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  1. 1

    Pseudopie said,




  2. 2

    sohpoh said,

    white but NOT lengzai, if not U think I will feel like this? Lolol. Sigh it’s kind of sad but have to admit, it is worth it LOLOL, drama marathon tomolo, weeeee~~~~

  3. 3

    wendy said,

    oo..poor peng “pat pat”, it’s abit scary too and luckily ur house is so close to the bus stop. the sounds of drama marathon, cantonese?

  4. 4

    sohpoh said,

    wendy: yala, damn creepy wei, i still shudder when think about it, but more like disgustingly rather than scared la lol. Yea canto, when are u give me gossip girl ya? lolol

  5. 5

    wendy said,

    ar? which epi are u upto? coz gossip girl hasn’t come out for a veryyyy long time

  6. 6

    k-Ann said,

    lol…eh..carefull with ppl like that tho…i also had couple of encounters like that in auckland, but not everyone is that “nice”…so is kinda freaky..still have to be careful around ppl like these..haha..
    take care lo~~

  7. 7

    sohpoh said,

    wendy: lol u noe d, sigh so sad, means kenot get my gg fix.. oh well, two epis is better than ntg
    k-Ann: wah, a couple summore, the next time I see someone lidat, I’ll RUn already hahaha.. thanks yea ^^

  8. 8

    twp said,

    walao.. luckily i never encounter such thing during my period of stay in rostrevor.. hahaha.. be more careful la. gal.. especially during late nite.. bring along an umbrella so u can use it whenever necessary.

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