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Gosh, I have been partying a lot lately >.< Not that I really want to, it just happens. Why must everything always come at once? Anyway, the Pharm Pubcrawl is coming soon, but I won’t be able to go, how sad T___T Not because I’m like a party animal and can’t miss out a single event kind of thing, just that I usually attend Pharm pubcrawl. In actual fact, I’ve been to most of it, even more so than the Dent ones =P Why? I don’t know leh. Pharm one always have so much more hype to it. Dent one in comparison is so, ugh. Anyway, might change my mind this year since not gonna be going to the Pharm one. Maybe only la. See first.

This is my DA week, woohoo, another bludging week. Sigh, I’ve been skipping more lectures than I needed to and it’s like so much more. To make it sound really bad, the amount I’ve skipped is like MORE than what I’ve skipped for the whole last year. Actually wait, make that all the three years of dent. How freaking sad. I’m supposed to be more motivated. Zzzz. I feel so guilty…. I’m gonna print all my lectures out and like bind them pretty so that it will motivate me to study. Hopefully. *Fingers crossed* I have to catch up on so many notes. God. Sigh, sorryla, I really have nothing interesting to say. Damn sad wei. I’ve been meaning to get some piccies from other people, but still haven’t got around to doing so. Will try to do them soon so that my blog don’t turn into some abandoned shitass uninteresting pictureless boring as siao piece of crap, more than it already is. Hoping for a more interesting post next time *fingers crossed again*. Ciao bellos, gonna try to make it to the lecture tomorrow. Toodles~

p/s To sum up the night yesterday: Sore back, blistered feet, face is not too bad, ‘smokey’ hair, and oh, the Redsquare stamp is still there.


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  1. 1

    v said,

    nobody seems to be blogging no more. *me at least*

  2. 2

    sohpoh said,

    hahah i actually sort of forgot i have a blog =P

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