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I was doing my pharmacology tute and although I kind of like this subject, I never had a good look at the lectures (yet) and I’m totally lost for most of the questions. Sighness.

My tute

My tute

The desparation of a lazy dent girl who don’t even wanna go through her lecture notes calls for a frantic google search.To my surprise, like VERY surprised, I found this…..

What I googled

What I googled

WAH!!!! This is 666! Didn’t know they were so high tech hahaha. Anyway, not all of the questions were similar, but STILL! And I googled some other question which wasn’t there (out of curiosity) and other matches came up. It’s like 100% the same with some textbook questions. Gosh. This is so damn funyyyyy hahaha. Save me time. But I didn’t plagiarise ok ekhem ekhem, I just referenced ONLY =P


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  1. 1

    summer said,

    LOL… i did the same thing… googled for tutorial answers… kekeke….

  2. 2

    sohpoh said,

    hahah the funny thing is, it’s exactly the same hahhaha save some work lol

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