Night out and other stuff

Went out on Sunday night during the lonnnnng weekend and it was awesome! Went to support my dear cuzzie who’s in a singing comp and word is she’s prolly through to the next round ^^. She did well! Then we went for dinner and it was yummy! Expecially with friends and all, it was really great. Then we decided to go karaoke and luck has it, we got two hours for free. Nothing beats free stuff. Ever. Then went to pool and called it a night. And it was a super good night. Haven’t had so much fun for the longest time.

On another note, I decided maybe I really should start look for a job. I saw a friend working at Espirit the other day and thought, shit I missed out during the Easter Weekend, I mean, lots of places would wanna hite people during that time. Oh well. I supposed it’s better late than never. So finger’s crossed I’ll get one? I think by the end of this month, I’ll be back to my low spirit can’t be bothered bum attitude.

And I really should STUDY. Sigh, I haven’t been attending all the lectures lately (read: very cold, dark and lazy mornings). And I haven’t been catching up with those notes. It’s pilling up like crazy, I look at them and frown, where did all my time go? I wished I can go back to the old times when I used to study straight after school, finish my homework and all that and still have plenty of time to spare for fun. Gosh, talk about motivation. Sigh. I am like the queen of procrastination. Noooooooo, I need to pass 4th year ok, so SOHPOH, please effing study ALREADY.

And my other woes, since my parents came, I’ve been gaining weight. OMFG. I can see the difference LIAO. Siao. All the food! Sighness. Have to start dieting after they leave. Which is kind of a dilemma cus I’m happy to actually eat normal again cus I’m like the lousiest in resisting temptations. But then again I don’t want them to leave T________________T I guess you can never have it all after all. And I just realised, it’s only a month shy from me having braces for a full year! Wow, time flies yea.How I wish this two years gonna fly like crazy. I WANT TO GRADUATE >.< An abrupt end to this entry.


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  1. 1

    wendy said,

    i want to graduate too!!! it’s always nice to have parents around, when are they leaving?? and u have nothing to worry about being the queen of procrastination coz i am the QUEEN in that…didn’t do anything during the long weekend either..sigh..was craving for some actual time to relax and ooops gone the whole 4 days of hols ../.\

  2. 2

    Carine said,

    ur parents with u now? nowonder can see u online as often as usual..hehe…

    Gain weigh? dun worry…Very easy to keep fit..just move more..lolz…

    Enjoy ur schooling day….

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