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History repeats itself

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What I meant was my stupidity. I just blogged about it like two posts ago. Anyway. To the story. I seriously cannot believe my luck (or rather my unluckiness). I woke up slightly later than usual (no thanks to my RC addiction, sighhhh I slept real late last night despite having early clinic the next day) and zoomed too the bus stop like usual. I arrived a bit later than usual – a few minutes later. Bad sign 1. And there’s no one in the bus stop. Bad sign 2. But I clearly remember not seeing a bus pass by while I was walking (if that makes sense). Good point 1. So I waited. Someone came and wait as well. Good point 2. Means I’m not that late. 5 minutes passed. No bus. NOT GOOD. It was like almost 10 to 9am and I was pretty certain at that point, I must have missed it! God damn it. So I walked hastily to the other bus stop for another bus and waited there for another good 5 minutes. And guess what. I saw the OTHER FREAKING BUS (which I supposingly missed)passed by. MEHHHH. I was so damn pissed ok! It was not supposed to come (like the next one) till 9am which is why I decided to change route and it never comes early cos the bus stop prior to mine is the checking stop thingy where the buses have to wait till the certain time before they take off. Which means it’s the bus that I intended to take in the first place. Seriously. What’s with me and buses. Sigh. So I walked back to the other bus stop cause I decided that bus is more reliable. Am I making sense? Anyway. The end point is, I’m an idiot and I should never go against my gut feeling. Please please remember that when you are doing MCQs in exam, s0hp0h. I always guess the RIGHT answer before my rational part of the brain tells me no, the other is more likely and my physical part of the brain always instruct my limbs to change the friggin answer. Sighness.

I know. My life is so boring till I have to resort to blogging about shit like these. Haha. Anyway, did I mention I studied a bit? I think I did already. But just to get the point across, I STUDIED OK (ma, you can relax now). Not a lot la, but at least I started. Which is always the hardest for me. Hmm. And and and did I mention I bought this eyeliner (stumbled finding) for 50% off? I’m so excited! Okla, I’m actually more excited about the 50% off than the eyeliner itself but who cares? I’m happy, the store’s happy, we all are happy ^^. But it is actually really cool la. It’s a Burjois liner with this dual effect when under one angle it’s black colour, under another angle, it’s blue. I don’t know if this is common or what, but I was seriously intrigued. Like heck wtfish, MUST BUY LA, wait what? 50% somemore very cheap lor! How to not buy you tell me. Sigh. Me and my auntiness.

On another note, winter’s coming in full force, and together with SWOTVAC, I can so seel myself eating crazily. I have to like eat after every lecture slide you know?It’s like the only motivation – besides thinking about graduation and the money I’ll make but that’s too far away so food will do T___T Anyway, my point is (which really isn’t related to me), I was getting my weekly dose of WTF news (namely WEIRD TRUE FREAKY) and saw this. Seriously wtfish. Can I get hypnotised toooooooooooo? Lolol. Not just for the weight, also get hypnotised for the exams are next week (Viv suggested tomorrow – but I seriously doubt it’ll work cause there’s not enough time to cram really and might really end in /wrist LOL) (ma, don’t worry, exams are NOT tomorrow). Speaking of which – I really should go study. Sigh. Brb in a day I reckon ^^

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Dot dot dot

It’s the time of the year again, where I have to declare I’m gonna study hard as the exams are a month away, just to eat my own words by blogging a lot more, watching more dramas (even the very very very lousy ones – I can so see myself watching Man in Charge which has been frozen in my HD atm), eat more, do more useless unecessary shit (namely moaning over the laggy Restaurant City appl,counting sheeps, spring cleaning my room – which really isn’t uncessary considering the fact that it is in dire need of attention). It’s sad isn’t it. Sigh. And it’s 1.33 am and I have clinic tomorrow. Zzz. And I don’t even know who I am seeing. But I know one of my patients cancelled -hip hip hurray! Oh oh this is my last rotation week for the semester, double yays! I’m like so ready to finish this year – another painful semester but it’s ok, if I can live with Dent the past 3 long years, what’s one more and a half years yea? I keep telling myself that over and over again – oh man, I just can’t can’t wait to graduate. Sigh. Oh and I studied today. Can you believe it? I can’t even believe myself lolol. Sorry, this post is amess. I’m just having sudden and random blurts of everything. Anyway. It’s 1.46 am and I just spent the last ten minutes reading up people’s confessions (OMG, can I be any more pathetic lol, it’s really not THAT interesting). I REALLY SHOULD GO TO BED. It’s not like I won’t blog more in the coming weeks. Till then, toodles!

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Stupidity rules all

s0hMood > *fat*

I haven’t been blogging for the longest time that I almost forgot my login details =( Anyway, the usual reasons for not blogging, one being I’m too busy to blog (i.e In Malaysia), which I’m not and second reason being, I’m too free to blog. Like I could talk about a million things and bore you to death, but I’ve decided to spare your lives so please thanked me. Now that you’re in this page, let me get back to boring you to death all over again. Sigh. Why is my life so uneventful? Actually that’s kind of ironic considering I haven’t been going out on weekends more consistently than I had and it still feels like I’ve done nothing. Two months ago this time, I’m like a loser sitting around the pool table and now I go there everyweek (almost) and actually play (GASPS) without fail. Why like that? And I don’t even like it all that much. The only thing I like about it is cheap entertainment. But my friends are really into it, so I mah just tag along. It’s just that I go so often I feel like all of a sudden, I seemed like I’m so into it.

Adelaide is such a small place really. Not that anything happened or what, that’s just a random statement, and it is a fact. I’m just saying it cause I’ve been walking around town looking like an idiot holding a traffic light, except the colour being blue (my clinic coat). Sigh, the miseries of a dental student. I was in clinic helping out and when I left, I made sure I have everything: watch – check, pens in pocket – check. And that’s where it went wrong. For some stupid idiotic reason, I’ve placed my pen in my clinic coat front pocket (for those who don’tknow, it’s right in front of the left chest) without the cap on. And that is one  bloody green pen which so happened to be water soluble. And I did not just do that once. I did that with the other pen but I realised it early enough – but it was a ballpoint anyway so didn’t matter much. But this second one leaked over my pocket making me looked so – green. Sorry, I have very poor vocabulary but that’s not the point. So there’s this big patch and I was like shit, what if it stains it forever! I cannot possibly wait until the laundry time to wash it cause that’ll be in the weekends, meaning I have to live with the patch for two more days, three more clinics and I refused to look like that in front of my patient.

Anyway, so I thought it should be easy. Like any curry stain, just use a wet tissue and wipe it clean, done? So I did the same old trick and guessed what, it didn’t work AT ALL. Sigh. I don’t know whether it was the water soluble ink or the fact that the tissue was too wet, whatever, the moment my coat got wet, the greenish colour just spreaded all around the wet spot like an abscess wtfish! I swear I actually scremed fuck out loud in my brain. Panic panic. I have ortho clinic tomorrow and the last thing I need is kids mocking me and my dirty coat ok! So I quickly removed the tissue to prevent further damage, and guess what again? It made it worse. Sigh. The water dripped all over my coat and proceeded to spot it with green patches like a hulkish damaltian. You get ME? Now that is no normal eef. It’s like triple eff T___T

The only thing left for me to do is to throw the damn thing in the sink and soaked the ENTIRE coat with water and brush it with hand soap. Luckily for me, the stains all came off la. But still, such traumatic experience! So for those who saw a coat hanging in the locker room for no effing reason, that’s mine. For those who also happened to see a weird person walking around Rundle with a wet coat, that’s me. Sadly. I even went to Wollies with it. I swear the entire aisle of shoppers were judging me. Even the checkout chick was judging me T____T Oh well. So that ends my stupidity. Hopefully.

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