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Dot dot dot

It’s the time of the year again, where I have to declare I’m gonna study hard as the exams are a month away, just to eat my own words by blogging a lot more, watching more dramas (even the very very very lousy ones – I can so see myself watching Man in Charge which has been frozen in my HD atm), eat more, do more useless unecessary shit (namely moaning over the laggy Restaurant City appl,counting sheeps, spring cleaning my room – which really isn’t uncessary considering the fact that it is in dire need of attention). It’s sad isn’t it. Sigh. And it’s 1.33 am and I have clinic tomorrow. Zzz. And I don’t even know who I am seeing. But I know one of my patients cancelled -hip hip hurray! Oh oh this is my last rotation week for the semester, double yays! I’m like so ready to finish this year – another painful semester but it’s ok, if I can live with Dent the past 3 long years, what’s one more and a half years yea? I keep telling myself that over and over again – oh man, I just can’t can’t wait to graduate. Sigh. Oh and I studied today. Can you believe it? I can’t even believe myself lolol. Sorry, this post is amess. I’m just having sudden and random blurts of everything. Anyway. It’s 1.46 am and I just spent the last ten minutes reading up people’s confessions (OMG, can I be any more pathetic lol, it’s really not THAT interesting). I REALLY SHOULD GO TO BED. It’s not like I won’t blog more in the coming weeks. Till then, toodles!


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