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Long extended sigh

I cannot believe I didn’t write a single word for the whole week of exams! It’s pretty amazing I must say. Cause usually my highest blogging rate will be during those swotvacs and in between exams as the last thing I want to do is study. Anyway, the exams have been so far so good, until yesterday. I didn’t sleep well or much at all and I was worried cause I didn’t really have the time to go through Ortho again. And with Paedo I am totally lost with all the luxation and avulsion statistics. But I cannot be bothered with Paedo anymore cause it already took so much time. In the end, Paedo exam turned out to be so hard. If I didn’t know better, I would not be able to even get 10 questions right. The saddest thing is it’s MCQ. But like the most complicated MCQ I’ve done in my entire life. I hope I did enough to pass. Sigh. But I couldn’t have prepared more because some of the stuff asked, weren’t in lecture notes T___T And like some of the answers were worded very trickly, I kept jumping back and forth between which is the right combination. Sigh. Good thing is everyone else I’ve talked to sort of feels the same, so I don’t think I’ll worry bout it too much, till the results are out. So fingers crossed!! Have to go study for my last exam. Have been procrastinating since yesterday. I’d like to call is post-paedo trauma. Lol. Anyway, study hard people! Ciaoz.


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Swotvac blues

s0hMood > *angry*

Swotvac has been quite good since I managed to camp in the library 10-5 without fail, despite sleeping at 3am. I’m so darn proud of myself. But that’s about it. I spent most time talking rather than studying. Zzzz. It’s weird cause I’ve never talked so much in my life (I think). Sigh. I still have a lot to go through, a week left, fingers crossed I’m gonna finish everything and be well. I don’t wanna kick ass or anything (not that I can even if I want to), I just want to PASS OMGOMG.

Random: If looks can kill, the first to die will definitely be that stupid printer in Napier 122. Yup YOU FUCKING PRINTER, super duper lousyyyyy OMFG. I spent like an hour almost, just trying to print some notes, and they weren’t even thatttt ‘big’ in size (MB that is). And yet, the printer manage to take fucking forever to print. I was so damn pissed the moment I saw the usualy study gang, I cursed repititively in the middle of the library. Lol. But I was really fired up, that stupid printerrrr, I still feel like strangling it now. Can someone torch it for me? Tsk tsk tsk. I mean, is it too much to ask for? Just a printer that can print? As if it’s not enough that I have to put up with the lousy Med School printer, this Napier one is WORSE. I was standing there waiting for the printer to ‘recieve’ the data, process or whatever, I just feel like smashing my head against the wall. I so wanted to pick up the phone and called the IT people just to abuse them on the phone with theeffing printer’s incompetence OMFG. I was even thiiiis close to writing a rude email to whoever’s incharge to complain about the fucking printer. Sighhhh. I know. SWOTVAC screws up my emotions T_____T I shall go deal with them by studying Perio, but then again I can’t really finish cause guess what, the notes weren’t printed by the effing printerrrrrr gahhhhhhhhh!!! I swear I can eat a printer right NOW.

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The act of procrastination

s0hMood > *Need to work hard*

It feels like I haven’t been blogging for the longest time, but in actual fact, I did blogged merely just yesterday. What a strange feeling. Exams really does screw up my brain. I managed to achieve a personal record today, that is…. tadaaaa waking up at 3pm. Sigh. I know. It’s like the lowest of low. WTF is wrong with meeeee? I really need to buckle up. Sigh. I know I’m continuously sighing. It’s prolly the only time of the year where you’ll see me sigh in like, every sentence. There I just did it again. Other than those times, I always LOL. Everyone in msn always pay me out about it. Lol. See what I mean? I LOL so much, seriously I don’t even mean it, I’m not actually laughing. I’ve become so accustomed to LOLing that I lol almost in habit after every sentence I typed in msn. It just comes out of no where and at times, I did it so fast without even thinking that it appears in the weirdest way. For example, OMG, how sadddddd lol. Wtf right? Or like yerrrrrrr she’s such a biatch, f f f, lol. Right. Anyway. Just another excuse to procrastinate. Because RC is on stupid maintence for like the umpteenth time and for the longest freaking time. WTHell is it alwaysssss on maintenance la seriously? I know I shouldn’t bother cause I’m supposed to be studying, but I NEED TO FEED MY WORKERS OMG. Sigh. Lol. Sorry. That Lol was for the fact that I sighed. Lol. Get it? Argh, I’m so confusing. But don’t mind me. I’m sure you people have better things to do than reading my lousy entry. For instance, STUDYing? Lol. I should get back to what it’s name, mucoepidermoid carcinomas. Sighhhhh

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Study study and more studying

s0hMood > *Need to work hard*

Hello, pardon me for the hiatus! Not that anyone cares. But I’ve been busy studying. Again, no one cares. Oh wait, busy studying eh? Sounds like I’m so hardworking lol. It’s real misleading. Actually I’ve been busy + studying for a bit. Busy dramaing that is! Sigh. Why is it always near swotvac when I rediscover youtube and stream stream like there’s no tomorrow. Must be karma. Anyway, the fact that I’ve started studying is quite a good achievement imo cause I think it’s still kind of early. SO early that I’m darn sure Imma gonna forget whatever shit I read (namely ameloblastoma, odongotenic keratocyst – shit I’d already forgotten some liaoooo) in the past days. Which really comes to the question, why the fish am I studying when in the end, I’m still gonna cramp it all in? I dunnoooo! Sigh. Nevermindla, I supposed it’s better than doing nothing.

On another note, Adelaide has been real effing cold. Freak. Time to layer up and look like a fat ‘ba zhang’. Sigh. Cold makes me sleepy T___T I just don’t wanna leave my bed, so comfy, so warm! Beds are evil. But the very same bed saw me through the harsh nights of pre-exam cramping through the years. I really like studying on my bed for some reason. Maybe because of the convenience, like I can just sleep straight after – damn song! But then again it’s super hard to resist the temptation to just doze off my worries. I fought super hard to keep my eye lids open. Hopefully this year will be easier. This post is really quite useless leh. The chronicles of ma lousy boring study life =( Anyway, wish everyone’s studies is going well – happy studying everyone!

p/s Sudden revelation: we only have three more exam periods to go after this one till we grad! Sounds so darn near teeheheehehe

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