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Hello, pardon me for the hiatus! Not that anyone cares. But I’ve been busy studying. Again, no one cares. Oh wait, busy studying eh? Sounds like I’m so hardworking lol. It’s real misleading. Actually I’ve been busy + studying for a bit. Busy dramaing that is! Sigh. Why is it always near swotvac when I rediscover youtube and stream stream like there’s no tomorrow. Must be karma. Anyway, the fact that I’ve started studying is quite a good achievement imo cause I think it’s still kind of early. SO early that I’m darn sure Imma gonna forget whatever shit I read (namely ameloblastoma, odongotenic keratocyst – shit I’d already forgotten some liaoooo) in the past days. Which really comes to the question, why the fish am I studying when in the end, I’m still gonna cramp it all in? I dunnoooo! Sigh. Nevermindla, I supposed it’s better than doing nothing.

On another note, Adelaide has been real effing cold. Freak. Time to layer up and look like a fat ‘ba zhang’. Sigh. Cold makes me sleepy T___T I just don’t wanna leave my bed, so comfy, so warm! Beds are evil. But the very same bed saw me through the harsh nights of pre-exam cramping through the years. I really like studying on my bed for some reason. Maybe because of the convenience, like I can just sleep straight after – damn song! But then again it’s super hard to resist the temptation to just doze off my worries. I fought super hard to keep my eye lids open. Hopefully this year will be easier. This post is really quite useless leh. The chronicles of ma lousy boring study life =( Anyway, wish everyone’s studies is going well – happy studying everyone!

p/s Sudden revelation: we only have three more exam periods to go after this one till we grad! Sounds so darn near teeheheehehe


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    wendy said,

    wahaha..i didn’t realise we both mention the remaining exams left after this one..hahaa…seems like we really can’t wait to graduate 🙂

  2. 2

    sohpoh said,

    lol i noeee, so weird hahah

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