The act of procrastination

s0hMood > *Need to work hard*

It feels like I haven’t been blogging for the longest time, but in actual fact, I did blogged merely just yesterday. What a strange feeling. Exams really does screw up my brain. I managed to achieve a personal record today, that is…. tadaaaa waking up at 3pm. Sigh. I know. It’s like the lowest of low. WTF is wrong with meeeee? I really need to buckle up. Sigh. I know I’m continuously sighing. It’s prolly the only time of the year where you’ll see me sigh in like, every sentence. There I just did it again. Other than those times, I always LOL. Everyone in msn always pay me out about it. Lol. See what I mean? I LOL so much, seriously I don’t even mean it, I’m not actually laughing. I’ve become so accustomed to LOLing that I lol almost in habit after every sentence I typed in msn. It just comes out of no where and at times, I did it so fast without even thinking that it appears in the weirdest way. For example, OMG, how sadddddd lol. Wtf right? Or like yerrrrrrr she’s such a biatch, f f f, lol. Right. Anyway. Just another excuse to procrastinate. Because RC is on stupid maintence for like the umpteenth time and for the longest freaking time. WTHell is it alwaysssss on maintenance la seriously? I know I shouldn’t bother cause I’m supposed to be studying, but I NEED TO FEED MY WORKERS OMG. Sigh. Lol. Sorry. That Lol was for the fact that I sighed. Lol. Get it? Argh, I’m so confusing. But don’t mind me. I’m sure you people have better things to do than reading my lousy entry. For instance, STUDYing? Lol. I should get back to what it’s name, mucoepidermoid carcinomas. Sighhhhh


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  1. 1

    wendy said,

    they indeed have the most maintenance and the longest ever…and i need to FEED MY WORKERS
    haha..u did use quite a lot of LOL in msn..keke 😛
    and i procrastinate the most today…i only did 1 lec for the whole day -.- haih…. oh why oh….

  2. 2

    summer said,

    LOL…. u influenced ‘lol’ in my conversations too… hahahaha…. the lol-xifu…. lololol…

  3. 3

    sohpoh said,

    wendy: yala like seriously dunno wat they doing lolol, me slack osooooo
    summer: hahaha, paiseh paiseh, i hope u din follow my footsteps of lol-ing after someone’s misery though lol

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