Long extended sigh

I cannot believe I didn’t write a single word for the whole week of exams! It’s pretty amazing I must say. Cause usually my highest blogging rate will be during those swotvacs and in between exams as the last thing I want to do is study. Anyway, the exams have been so far so good, until yesterday. I didn’t sleep well or much at all and I was worried cause I didn’t really have the time to go through Ortho again. And with Paedo I am totally lost with all the luxation and avulsion statistics. But I cannot be bothered with Paedo anymore cause it already took so much time. In the end, Paedo exam turned out to be so hard. If I didn’t know better, I would not be able to even get 10 questions right. The saddest thing is it’s MCQ. But like the most complicated MCQ I’ve done in my entire life. I hope I did enough to pass. Sigh. But I couldn’t have prepared more because some of the stuff asked, weren’t in lecture notes T___T And like some of the answers were worded very trickly, I kept jumping back and forth between which is the right combination. Sigh. Good thing is everyone else I’ve talked to sort of feels the same, so I don’t think I’ll worry bout it too much, till the results are out. So fingers crossed!! Have to go study for my last exam. Have been procrastinating since yesterday. I’d like to call is post-paedo trauma. Lol. Anyway, study hard people! Ciaoz.


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