Post Hols Ramblings

Haven’t been bothered to update lately so a quick one before I go to bed:-

Studied like crazy for exams.

Finished exams.

Holidayed for one week. Dids loads of shit. Namely eat. shop. sleep.

Can’t believe I was so occupied during the hols I didn’t even have the time to blog norrrr do any drama-ing. Wow.

Celebrated my birthday (pics and details next time – most prolly have seen from fb anyway, so no rush). Then Soph’s birthday. Cibo’s apricot cheesecake, OMFG yummy.

Wasn’t actually busy during hols. Just did loads of weird stuff. Like sitting on the front part of the cruise during the 1.5 hours ride in Pt Adelaide. Got to be the coldest effing day ever.

Discovered Casual Cup in Buddha Bar has some new items, namely the Yunnan bowl rice noodles with sour fish. Yummy!

Bazu is becoming shittier, I cannot understand why it’s getting so spicy nowadays. It almost felt like a torture trying to swallow down that piece of mapo tofu – didn’t dare to try the ‘la zhi ji’ again – was even MORe horrible.

Finished holidays in superbly high speed.

Start Uni T______T Need I say more?

Recieved package all the way from Msia from my fellow TAGians. Ten kiu veli veli much! Miss you guys!!!!!

Unusual entertainment – click here. Seriously laughed my ASS off.

It’s 11.58pm. Feeling unusually sleepy. Gah, the clinics are screwing my bedtimes all around. Anyway, got to go, toodles.

p/s I’m obssessing over food? (*%^*&^@*%!$%+_^*


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