My apologies

To the non-existing readers. I seriously forgotten I even have a blog? I think it’s a sign of getting old. Just can’t be bothered to record down every single detail of my uninteresting life. How sad. The only fun thing in fact, was the fact that I remembered I have a blog. So far have I come. Looking at my old posts, so juvenile. Is that really me? I can only wonder in horror, how did you guys put up with my useless content? *roll eyes* Well this is as useless I’m sure. Anyway, I did have something interesting to talk bout but that can’t be blogged publicly, so I’ll do a private entry when I feel like it, which clearly isn’t now. Lol. I really should update my backdated birthday post, but I really cbf. Aih. I’ll do that next time la. Now gonna go, eat some apple custard pie. FML. It’s like almost 2 am.


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