Myth busters s0hp0h version

Many people seemed to have misconceptions about who s0hp0h really is, now in this very post, I attempt to clear up and answer whatever queries/confusions you may or MAY NOT have, but I’ll do it anyway cos this is my blog and if you don’t wanna read bout me, might as well read something else like Twilight, speaking of which I really should get my hands on a copy of New Moon, cos reading on the computer sucks, okay at this point if you are still following whatever crap it was that I just wrote, wow, good on you!

Ok you what, I’m gonna make this a tag. So whoever’s reading and haven’t been updating your blog for more than a month, you’re tagged (theoretically speaking but of course you can choose to ignore it, I mean what can I do right? I can only roll my eyes and scoff, some people *tsk tsk tsk* and of course you can choose to ignore that too so the end point is, it doesn’t really matter, but you know what, just for the sake of proving me wrong, DO IT ok?) So just write whatever myths there is about yourself and bust it if you can. Better still, write a post asking for ppl to describe you, and then bust it? Whicever works.

By this point you would have noticed that I do have a tendency to digress and ramble on and on. If you haven’t noticed, uhhhh… enough said. So Myth No 1: I can sure talk – PROVEN. No need to prove that lol. I think I can probably talk non-stop for a full hour and still go on and on and on, but only with people I like to talk to la. To others, I usually don’t have much to say.

Myth No 2: I am such a nice person. Seriously don’t know why so many people say this cause I honestly don’t see it. Other cliche includes, I’m oh-so-friendly, good yada yada yada. So let me set this straight, yes I might be nice but that’s not me, I basically just try to treat everyone how they treat me or how they deserved to be treated. If you’re nice, I’m all sugar and spice. If you’re not, I’m like what they say, hell hath no fury – and those who know me better will know I’m not exaggerating. But this agains come to my next Myth No 3: I am so mean, ya I know it’s a  contradicting one, I tend to do that alot, but I guess what I said before explains it all, so therefore these are I guess semi-BUSTED?

Myth No 4: I am smart. First of all, I would like to say I’m not smart at all because I would like to think I’m clever (yes there’s a difference just like how Tien Li told me there’s a difference between stupid and dumb – at this point you probably going what what what, so here I digress again, allow me to quote, dumb means you don’t have the brains, stupid means you have the brains, just don’t wanna use it. HAHA, I find it quite true, what a brilliant revelation). Cause clever means I got rewarded for my effort rather than my all nighters/cramming because I really think the fact that I studied so much earlier compared to before, is considered a very bloody well improvement. But then again, my results ain’t that flashy so how? So, in the end the conclusion is I’m dumb cause I did use my brain lorrrr =( so soooo BUSTED

Myth No 5: My mood swings faster than you can blink. Being a typical Cancerian is not without it’s worst attribute, my mood swings are terrible to say the least and it’s not even PMS related. I don’t know what gets into me, but it sure does bounces around crazily, I wish sometimes I can be a bit more stable – oiiii, by that I mean my mood, I’m not CRAZY ok! But usually I’m a rather happy possum (Anne, 2009)  especially when it comes to outings and shopping and food and what’s not. As long as you didn’t drag me alllll the way to Marion for a lousy Harry Potter movie (yes it was soo soooooo crap SIGHNESS), you’re all GOOD. Lol, so myth PROVEN.

That’s all I can think of for now, add more next time maybe. Only maybe. So to the people who’ve read up to here (any anyyy???? Hellooooooo~), you’re also obligated to do the tag, regardless of whether you’ve updated or not. Who ask you to read? Wanna read must got sacrifice la. Hahaha. I have my clinic attachment tomorrow, sighs, should be my off day neh. So toodles ppl!


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