Life hasn’t been exactly treating me well lately, and the same can be said to the others around me. Why are things like this, why now and most importantly, WHY ME? Sigh. I guess it can’t be helped as life is constantly changing as we speak. It’s just that some people take it better than others, but who are we to judge when we’re not in their shoes. And what are we to say when simple words of comfort like it’s going to be ok is really stupid because god knows if it IS going to be ok? I am just not made for consoling others because on the days when I’m down, I do not like to be consoled. Not that it’s hypocritical, nothing like that, just that I prefer not to because I like to get better on my own,  and I hate the feeling of having to cry in front of other people, which is quite easy when you’re being comforted. And I sort of think other people need that too and sometimes if I seem too nonchalant or being too carefree about something, it’s usually not because I don’t, but I just want to respect the other person’s feelings. Which explains why most of the time I keep stuff to myself. Not just because I don’t want to trouble others with it, but I know it’s really not that big of a deal and other people surely have more pressing matters that they have to attend to. In a world with all it’s injustice and poverty and what’s not, I feel ashamed sometimes to even complain about mediocre stuff that doesn’t really matter, and really isn’t a problem in the first place. Like oh she sucks. Or like omfg it’s cold. As long as I can stay away from that person and have some clothes hanging around me, I really should be grateful. The crucial thing is I still have a choice. I can choose to not talk to that person if I want to. That’s done there and then. I can choose to don on more clothes, but I didn’t. I feel stupid for writing this, but since there’s nothing else I can write about these days in my blog, might as well right?

On another random note, I absolutely hate having to tell people the same thing over and over again. Like seriously, it just gets to a point that sometimes, I just cbf anymore. You want my opinion, yes you got it ages ago, and why are you still asking the same thing over and over again? And I’m not talking about anyone in particular so no need for any wild guesses, but just everyone in general. I cannot understand why are people so different when we are basically made up of the same right brain, left brain. I mean of course we don’t have the SAME brain, but you get what I mean, do we not all have a brain with white and grey mater and nerves and what’s not? Why must we be so effing different? It was said that the only similar thing between all of us is that we are all different. It just seems stupid. Of course I know not everyone can be Einstien, but this is not about intelligence, but basic reasoning. Basic logic. Is it really that hard? Don’t get why some people just don’t even have that basic uh, common sense. Some people like the bluntness and said that they’re so honest yada yada, I just think it’s plain ignorance and selfishness. This is not to be mistaken for the usual straight forwardness (because I myself can be quite blunt) that we expect from normal people. Only stupid people will say I don’t care about others because those will be the ones who, really, won’t be cared by others. There, wish granted. I cannot and WILL NOT expect people to do what I won’t do for others, so just live with it and stop whinging omg. Sorry, I just cannot tolerate stupidity very well, I’m learning sigh…

p/s oh and the irony of me saying to not complain bout silly stuff and yet here I ma writing a full post about it. Talk bout the time I have and the hypocriticalness. I am hypocritical,I give you that LOL


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