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Haven’t been really into blogging lately cause FB is so convenient, statuses and photos are all there, just find it redundant to write them all over again here, unless if it’s password protected. Anyway, been really busy with assignments and youtubing (得獎的事 officially being my new love besides good ol’ KangXiLaiLe) and shopping online. I never used to be a big online fan, despite friends always claiming to have bought bargains over ebay. I’m just not the one for internet shopping. I cannot trust something I cannot see or feel. Especially after this stupid Judge Judy case (American reality series) about this scammer who was sued for selling phones and when the bidder paid, the scammer had the audacity to send them two pieces of paper with the phone’s picture printed on them (cos they bought two phones). And she claim she didn’t do ANYTHING wrong cause in the T&C she clearly stated that you pay for what you are seeing. Wtf. Anyway, you’ll be please to know she got fined for that cowardy act. That aside, back to shopping, I think I am still a newbie in online shopping and usually always get my friend to pay with paypal cause it’s so much easier than credit card. I really should get one too. Anyways, it started last year where we discovered this awesome site for clothes at wholesale price, the only catch being you have to buy two of each, and there’s a minimum amount (USD100) that you have to buy. So we shared and bought these Taiwanese/Korean/Japanese clothes and they turned out kind of awesome. Cheap as well. Including postage. Let me see if I can find the pic of it hmm. I don’t take picture of my outfits, and me trying to locate for one, is so damn hard cos I realised I seldom take full body pics. Anyway, found the original, so here you go:

Black dress? But too short to be worn as dress alone

Black dress? But too short to be worn as dress alone, unless if I am going to showcase my behind to the entire world, which I'm sure no one is interested lol)

White off shoulder dress - again, too short plus poor cutting (Imma gonna finally cut it to a skirt)

White off shoulder dress - again, too short plus poor cutting (Imma gonna finally cut it to a skirt)

Then I started looking more, and the second item is probably this red cardigan I bought sometime last year for 8 bucks or something. All together with postage was around 10 so it was consederably cheap and the quality turned out way better than the picture (this was the original picture from the seller). I found this from a FB Msia swap group.

Red cardigan - a very good buy

Red cardigan - a very good buy

And then this year, I was browsing heaps, especially on makeup related stuff (now back to clothes LOL) and reading blogs has its benefits at times, found from sweatlee.com about free sample from everyday minerals, I’ve always wanted to try cause it’s pure mineral goodness, mmmm. It’s a sample pack where you choose 3 foundation, one blush and a concealer for free and you only pay for the shipping, which was like 5 bucks? Warning: it’s really quite SAMPLE sized, between a 10 to 20 cents coin. Anyway, it was quite a good bargain considering the fact that I still haven’t used them up, got them from earlier this year? Cause you tend to use very little of the product especially with good brushes, which is what I’m getting to in the next purchase. Because without proper brushes, I figured it’s a waste with all the minerals, so I was looking for good ones online, didn’t want those that shed a lot or poor quality cause you’ll end up wasting more make up anyway. So online (there’s sooooo much good stuff here man), lots of people been going on and on bout Lumiere brushes and coincidentally, the prebuy was on and so I thought why not. It’s extremely cheap for the quality you get, except you have to wait like a gazzillion years for them to arrive (cause of the prebuy sales period and closing and sending out time), literally. I totally forgotten about them and was so excited when they finally came.

Sample pack - stole pic from Vivawoman.net

Sample pack - stole pic from Vivawoman.net

Lumiere pre buy 9 piece travel pack brushes

Lumiere pre buy 9 piece travel pack brushes

Lumiere's Long handled kabuki loveeeeee, super duper soft

Lumiere's Long handled kabuki loveeeeee, super duper soft

You can still buy them from the sites I think, but now it’s a bit more pricey but still a good buy nonetheless. Last but not least, the 88 Coastal Scents Pallette that everyone seems to be using in their blogs and tutes and videos and what’s not. It’s supposed to be super pigmented, and it is. I’m really surprised, eventhough numerous people’d already said it’s super duper pigmented. I cannot believe, it is soooo true! Bought it from Ebay, a seller from HK, very reliable, and much much cheaper than Coastal Scents or those blogshops because it’s considered as direct purchase since the HK seller has lots of them, should be the supplier or something like that. My friend who bought one with me had one broken shade, whereas mine was fine, some chip here and there, but generally not too bad considering they have to ship it all the way from HK. And did I mention it was super cheap? Haha, I did. Anyway, it was around 17 bucks.

88 pro pallette

88 pro pallette

For so many colours, it’s reallly worth it. And for those who are worried that it’s fake, well, I’ve done my reseach cause I had my reservations with China products too, but a lot of people who’ve bought from ebay confirmed that it’s the exact same pallette as the Coastal Scents one and in contrary to what other people think, I thought the pallete was real ugly haha. Like the surface gets imprinted with finger prints so easily hmmph. Oh well… Can’t ask for too much. Just putting this up in case some people are googling for the pallette (I was one of them, trying to find more info), well it’s reallllly worth buying, definitely the best purchase, very very close to the brushes ^^, just that I have to figure out a better way to use them, haven’t been using them much, busy doing assignments and bumming at home =(

ANYWAY, so there goes a totally irrelevant blog entry. Lol…. And yes, I might be more bimbotic that you think.


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  1. 1

    carine said,

    Since when u started online shopping? lolz..currently i also online shopping but it quite risk as we cant try bfore buy…hehe

  2. 2

    sohpoh said,

    lol super fun rightttt haha yalo, but usually oso quite nice wan so dat wan i no worry, i worry it get lost in mail only lolol

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