Again, to the lost souls who have been checking this page, helloooo! But if you are looking for updates, I’m afraid you’re going to be dissapointed haha. Cause this is just a semi-advert for the articles I’ve been doing for this dental site. So feel free to click if interested (don’t really have to, but will probably help increase traffic, hence increase the ekhem, returns, so if you too boh liao, please, feel VERY free to do so, thanks!).

So in this article, it’s particularly relevant to people in Australia, looking for laser teeth whitening, especially in Sydney or Melbourne. What happened to good old Adelaide, erm….. they just don’t have as high searching hits lol. I seriously learn so much from writing all these stuff – I think I know all about whitening and then pops some new topic and more and more, it’s just never ending. Cosmetic dentistry, ahh the possibilities. I’ve also done a few others, which you can easily access by just clicking on the author name at the end of the above said article. Anyway, here’s an excerpt:

Teeth whitening is a very sought after cosmetic procedure and looking for a suitable dentist may be tricky. In this article, we’ll bring you a complete guide to laser teeth whitening in Sydney and Melbourne.

There are several methods to which you can use to successfully locate a suitable dentist. The internet, for instance, provides a large range of information which can help you find a dentist that suits your needs. Search engines such as Google or Bing with keywords such as laser teeth whitening Sydney or laser teeth whitening Melbourne are very useful in locating dentists. In Australia, below are are several useful sites that provides a dentist database which allows you to easily search for dentists near your area.

It’s just a guide to help people find a dentist. Obviously there are others which go more in depth on the actual procedure, like ‘teeth whitening‘ and ‘laser teeth whitening‘. So that’s it for now – u’ll probably see more of this in the future lol. Anyway, quick updates:

– Gasp in horror when I saw the amount of exams I have T____T

– Further gasp in super duper extreme HORROR when one of the lecturer mentioned we are supposed to know EVERYTHING that has been taught on that subject from last year and this year. FML.

– Handed in that crazy assignment, I can only hope I pass…

– Got told today my chances of staying single is 99.9999999%. Thanks man, THANKS! I have such encouraging friends, though I don’t deny it’s a damn right fact, but putting it in numbers, wow, reminded me how much I hate stats lol.

– Needs a miracle to be able to pass exams end of this year

– Needs to get a copy of the loooooOOOOooooong Handbook of Paediatric Dentistry for viva, sighhhhh….. and then hopefully read it.

– Needs a physio: my arm is sooooo sore from badminton

– Needs a chiro: my clavicles are behaving super weirdly……

– Needs some sleep. Gonna get some now. Toodles!


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  1. 1

    wendy said,

    haha, no need to worry i am sure u won’t be staying single for long 🙂
    and omg, i am so jealous that u have already been worrying about the upcoming exams already !!! motivation is down to zero after that crazy assignment. and meh it’s our clinic week again, but yay one more week to holidays.

  2. 2

    lastoneoutdude said,

    Hey Folks,

    Looking for information about which are the best teeth whitening products to buy?

    It has been very hard to source the correct information as far as I can see. One person tells you one thing and a different person tells you something completely different!
    And, I thought the best thing to do is get practical feedback from you people as you may have personal knowledge about this area.

    Any information will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance people.

  3. 3

    s0hp0h said,

    wendy: eh sorry, long time din check comments lol – ya I have ortho assignment left then can study sighs

    lastoneoutdude: generally it’s the best to get professional whitening kits from your dentist. Not sure which commercial ones works the best, since all of them are roughly the same I’d say.

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