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Don’t you love it when notes are like soooooo fun and stimulating and that you actually enjoyed learning? Normally there’s no such luck for me, any form of words outside the lines of jokes, clothes and makeup bore me to death. But recently found a website, it’s a blog actually, written by an endodontist. The dental related posts in there are really entertaining, and for the first time I actually bother reading journals cited in the post to learn more about what the endodontist is talking about. The irony when I saw a citation for invasive cervical resoprtion by Prof Heithersay. I remembered I barely skimmed through it while he was giving the lecture, fearing that my name will be called for the question presentation. Cause I turned up late from endo clinic, I actually managed to skip that bit (apparently Jo got called? bad bad luck) so I stopped reading lol. Anyway, I better go back and do more studying. With the site I mean, because I’ll probably die of ‘paper overload’ if I actually look at our endo notes for the exam. Bah FML.


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  1. 1

    summer said,

    add oil!!! hehe…

  2. 2

    sohpoh said,

    lol thanks aih I reli adding a lot (not from studying, but all the eating)

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