More dental related stuff

Here’s another article up in Intelligent Dental:

Orthodontic braces has been around for more than 50 years and even till now, it remain as the most popular choice in straightening crooked teeth by dental professionals. It is the safest method available and produces ‘true’ tooth straightening unlike teeth crowns or teeth veneers which simply masks the problem.

On another note, our exams are 25 days away. Omg. Someone just put it into context, like I didn’t bother counting, and it just hit me like a massive rock. I’m so much more motivated to go to library tomorrow. Argh. So scary. 7 subs in 25 days. I can already see myself not sleeping. 24 hours a day is simply not enough!!!! T___T I feel like crying. Why didn’t I study hard before? WHYYYYYY? Plox plox let me pass 4th year! Have a feeling that praying alone will not get me anywhere. Gotta study. Bye.


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