Pre-swotvac blues

I think I’m going crazy with all the studying. For some reason I thought it’s gonna be Monday. And have to go clinic. Hence I diligently did all my self-assessments for the week since we will be having a review for the year as it will be my last clinic session, yay! Though I like treating patients, but I really want more time to study lol. And then I realised, it’s Saturday. Still have to go to library tomorrow to study. Sigh. I feel like such a nerd. Haven’t been so hardworking. But like I said, “zhe shi wo you shen yi lai zui nan de kao shi” (hardest exams yet in my entire life). Does not sound good at all. Hence I decided I really need to buckle up, cannot cramp last minute like last time (though not much difference) but I started like way earlier than previous years, so I hope it’s gonna help. I know luck alone will not get me through, so I am trying to study hard lo! Just that it’s hard cause there’s so much of everything and people’ve been telling me stuff about previous exams, like lots of people fail this la etc etc. Damn scary wei. Okla. Gonna study now. Update more when I go crazy again. Bye

p/s another month from now, I’ll be freeeeeeee hehehehe


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