Stupid bitch

Why on earth are some girls so fucking stupid? Like seriously they think they can get away with something so blatantly obvious. OMFG. Like hello bitch, we ARE NOT FUCKING DUMB LIKE YOU OK. So there’s guys after you, oh and you proudly blog it all, but seriously, who gives a fuck? Have you seen your fucking ugly face in the fucking mirror? Guess not. I’m not the ones for personal attacks man, but when some bitch do something like this, I cannot take it. Like what the fuck is her problem I don’t get it. Why must she do all those lil things to brag about her current relationship with a certain someone? She went to the trouble of purposely inviting my friend to read her fucking stuck up lousy piece of blog shit just so that she can show off. Show off what I dunno. Show off that she now has the person’s attention? Like fuck cares? Don’t think of yourself too highly la bitch. Think you’re so pretty and all? Oh please. Think you’re so sociable and all? I hated you from the very first day I met you and despite not knowing you well, I already know you’re gonna be a bitch, just didn’t think you’re capable of such low tricks. Like man, you’re so fucking sick and you called yourself a Christian. Pardon me for making the judgement (actually not really cause I am truly cursing you whole heartedly) pls burn in hell. I’m sure God knows better.


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  1. 1

    twp said,

    HAHAHAHAHA.. peng, u are so f-ing funny.. cant stop myself from laughing seeing dis.. she’s truely a bitch.. HHAHAHAHA

  2. 2

    Pseudopie said,


  3. 3

    wendy said,

    oh wow, haven’t visited ur blog for awhile and this entry is definitely very unique from the rest of ur entries. haha..i shall go guess and see who that person

  4. 4

    sohpoh said,

    twp: such a bitch right
    pseudo: -.-
    wendy: oo u dunno the person o, i wish u noe oso, then u’ll noe wat a bitch she reli is haha

  5. 5

    Summer said,

    lol… i thought i clicked on the wrong link and went to wwh’s blog… lololol…
    waah… i’m curious to read that person’s blog >_< haha… but just to see how lousy she is ;P

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