Blog what?????

Exams are done and yet I have no intention to return to blogging. Until some annoying person keep pestering me to blog. Not the first time leh Viv. Everytime also like tht. You think I blog solely for your entertainment is it? Siao zhar bor. She’s like occupied with her game, and yet can still ask me to blog. Again. And again. I told her to pester Xyn instead. But fail. Lol. SMART PUNYA XYN. Anyway. So yea. Exams were horrible as predicted. but I felt so proud that I got through them. Haven’t got my results back yet though – fingers crossed that I pass everything. Found out that I pass one lil sub. Yay! Other than that, been doing nothing. Hmmm. Actually, been doing lots of partying. Not that I’m proud of them. Really I’m not. Hahaha. I am not a party animal OK. But it was fun to party after the amount of stress I had lol. It was definitely GOOD. And it was extra entertaining seeing other people getting really smashed. I think that was the best part. Music, dancing and drinking aside. Had to look after some friends or FRIEND in particular. Haha. Cuteness. No seriously. Damn cute when they’re drunk. But it’s quite scary at the same time la. Lol. Ok. I don’t know what to say anymore cause none of the contents from that night can be made public. Lol. And my screen is like stretched so damn wide it seemed like I wrote so little. SIEN. What else is there. Erm. I don’t know man. Hopefully this is enough to get Viv off my back for a while =P


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