Revival entry, hopefully



Art 1: There is a common conception of adult orthodontic braces being used to straighten teeth but many of us do not actually understand the amount of care required in maintaining them. Adult orthodontic braces care is important as it is also a crucial part of treatment, as much as teeth straightening.

Art 2: There are many of us, especially older teenagers and adults who are concerned with the way our teeth looked. And yet, we cannot really do much about those unsightly crooked teeth because we do not want to be seen wearing orthodontic braces at an old age. This can be said as one of the biggest factor hindering adults from seeking orthodontic treatment, simply because orthodontic braces can be more unpleasant looking than their existing crooked teeth.

Art 3: As in-office bleaching or professional tooth whitening costs increase, many people are turning to cheaper and more affordable alternatives to achieve a whiter smile. Though in-office tooth whitening have a higher success rate, many people swear by home tooth whitening and claim that it is just as effective in removing yellow stains.

==End of update==

These are the times where I have completely forgotten I have a blog. Ze is life. I think it has finally come to a point where blogging is dying on me. Me thinks it’s Facebook’s fault. I update everything there nowadays be it status, photos, videos etc etc and etc making it kinda pointless regurgitating stuff here again. I wonder when will be my next entry. I shall make this a long one then.

First of all, a very delayed announcement that should have been done ages ago, I passed fourth freaking year. OMFG *jumps happily around the room* *delayed response* I was really really really happy, even till now, I still remain extremely grateful. Didn’t get extremely good results but I don’t care. A pass is all I want and in the end I got a tiny weeny bit more so who am I to complain heheheheheheheh. I am so so so relieved. I’m now a final year student! Fifth freaking year, here I come woohoooo!!

And holiday has been great so far. I have been doing a lot of eating (make that A HUGEEEEE LOT FML) and some shopping. Been on a cruise recently and all I did was eat, eat and eat. I swear my pants were real tight on the day I got back. Sigh. I hate food. Why must it look so good? Why must it be so fattening? Why must my heart call out to any food I seeeee?????!!! Note to self: need to be longer vegetarian once I get back to Adel. I wonder how long it’ll take T________________T Badminton anyone??

Shopping has been so so good! Been to two separate Jusco member days sale and omfg, there’s so many people and everyone bought like they don’t have to pay a single cent. Those aunties damn scary I tell you. The trolleys were mountain high and the store was turned to a half night market style with people shouting promotions and discounts every second -.- But overall, good buy =)

Other than that, been to couple of movies. Watched “Love Happens” and it was sooooooo saddening. Cried like crazy in the cinema. So damn embarassing. If I knew it’s going to be this sad, I won’t go watch it in public ffs. Like “My Sister’s Keeper”, I will never ever everrrr watch it with anyone but myself. I swear I’ll like cry my eye balls out with that one. Even the trailer was so heart breaking =( I hate sad movies – they really always make me cry.

Also been to karaoke a few times, plan to go more heheheheh. It’s like so damn cheap over in Malaysia. Adelaide’s karaoke is really overpriced neh. Went with Chian the other day and it only costs us each 12 bucks with free drinks and one small snack meal. We sang for 4 hours and we could have stayed longer if we want to. We didn’t even manage to fully utilised all 4 hours. At least 2 hours was probably used to camwhore and gossip haha. Girls are always girls.

Neway, this shuould be long enough to last till whenever. Hopefully will update soon. Happy Dong Zi (Winter Solstice) festive everyone! And Merry Christmas in advance ^^. Buh byeeee!~~


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