Bye bye 2009

Hip hip hurray, time to welcome 2010. This post kinda belated, but anyway, happy new year everyone!! I think I wished everyone either via sms, msn or FB so if I left out anyone – wish you a very very happy 2010!!

2009 has been such a loooooong yet short year. Too much happening, too lil time and too crampped up. Started fourth year with a failed FPros test lolol. Luckily it was just a test. Doesn’t count towards final grade. Phew. Then having crashed course through pre-clin with endo and pros OMG. Never felt so dumb in my entire life. We were forced to take on new streams like paedo, PCU etc etc etc and have to adapt at the speed of light. Aren’t we all genuises to be able to make it this far? Seriously. I can never stop pinching myself – cannot believe I made it to fifth year =)

To others who ain’t so lucky, I can’t only pray and hope the best for them. I know hard work is not everything. I know those long hours spent on studying seemed useless. The truth is, every little bit helps but ultimately and really unfortunately, it really comes down to luck. Sigh. It’s really unpredictable that it scares the crap out of me most of the time. Though I studied hard. Well I thought I did. Anyway, that’s all of the past. Time to look at new year ^^.

Academic aside, I’ve partied way too much this year. Le sigh. It’s not really a lot really but for someone like me who don’t really party (ie only pubcrawl once a year or occasional clubbing if friend’s bday), it feels like I’ve really been going out too much. So in 2010 – shall tone down and study hard! I know I say that every year and fifth year being such a clinical year surely doesn’t help T___T I’ll try my best anywhoo.

Socially, I’ve made lots of new friends (adelaide’s way toooooo small) and have new dearies from our lil study group. HAHA. Love those days in study group because we were all so keen – we basically studied in the library every single freaking day even when it was 40+ degrees. I had to wake up early, dragged myself out of my comfy bed, and then force myself out in the constant heat FML and then take stupid bus ride to city. And study with a bunch of crazy women. It was all worth it though. Never thought I can get along so crazily with girls so much younger hahahah. But the weight I gained is SERIOUSLY not good – we basically McD everyday cause that’s the one and only thing opened near city west library. Yea we, well correction, I always crash UniSA’s library. Seriously their library is sooooo packed and the last thing they need really is an outsider taking up more space lol.

I think I’ve learnt a lot this year. Though it hasn’t all been great, but I believe everything happens for a reason and things could always be worse. So farewell 2009 – to a better, greater, more wonderful and fruitful 2010, to life ^^ My dear friends, no matter how 2009 has been for you guys, I wished for you guys nothing but the best in 2010. May you all be happy cause that’s the most important in life =)


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