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Changed to not protected since some1 say ntg to protect =( Hahah, I’mma gonna change this to a taggie for those in Adel, so yea, everyone who read this HAVE TO do one in their blog ^^

*end update*

Haven’t done a password protected post for ages, so here goes. Don’t really have any secrets or gossip to spill actually. Oh wait I do!! But nah, can’t say it here. This is one of the posts which I am password protecting for the sake of password protecting it *evil grin*. Anyway. That’s cause I’m really really REALLY bored. Wake up really early, can’t get back into sleep. Sigh. I hateeeeee myself nowadays. Is it really a sign of getting old?? But I slept really late last night (2am) and my alarm went off at 10am – maybe I really should just not set it at all, cause everytime it goes off, I can’t get back into sleep. FML. It’s supposed to be holidays and sleeping in yet, the latest I”ve slept in so far in Malaysia is… 11 am? How freaking sad. I used to be able to sleep till 1/2 pm. Even 3pm. But that’s cause room in Adelaide is really really dark. I cannot tell the times at all. Sigh. Hate the sun.

Newayz. Goss. I found out some ppl failed 5th year T___T. And I thought it’s a guaranteed passed, hence being in fifth year, I felt like I’m safe for once, no more worries, I’m going to be a dentist for sure. To get this news is just. Saddening. Sigh. There’s really no guarantee in life is there? I still need to study hard =( Though I do remember now that one of my NY resolution is to study more, party less. I hate studying!!! After some 18 years of education, enough is ENOUGH. And this is going to be my 19th year and oo, 7th year in Adelaide.

HOW FREAKING UNBELIEVABLE. I can still taste the day I just arrived in Adelaide. Strange town. Lots of angmohs. Cool breeze I likey. Sunshine till 8pm wtf totally messed up my biological clock. Lots of apricots yumm! And then first day of school. Weird uniform zzz. Calling other people ‘father’. Sandwich and banana for lunch, I was sooo worried till everyone else got their banana(s) out. Not understanding most of what other people are saying. Realising not all Asians are Chinese, I really missed being able to converse in Canto/Mando. Angmoh friends telling me that my english is funny FML.

Second year in Adelaide. Got a room mate for the first time in my life. Thought she looked quiet and decent and hard to talk to FML. Got along only after a few days, both too shy ekhem. Like a train on fire woohoo. Thank god for that.

First day of uni. Prof T was my group’s tutor for the very first session. Learn about communication and what, professional behaviour etc. Freaking deluded into thinking there’s very few Malaysians in Dentistry: found a whole freaking bunch during Fresher’s BBQ cause they all mingled together gether. Introduced to other nationalities: Korean, S/porean, Hongkie. We were seriously multicultured.

Second year of uni. New girl in my group. Everyone’s really interested in her. She turned out to be real friendly. Became one of my best firends in the course =) To the extent that we can talk non stop for hours and HOURS omg, my cousin seriously questioned if there’s that MUCH goss in Dentistry. YES THERE IS. Lol.

Third year. Seeing real patients for the very first time. Everyone’s a nerve wreck on the first day. Was turned instantly after the first hour. I love my work! Fillings yay. Nay to scalling. Hate hate hate. Half point of the course hip hip hurray!! Never thought we made it this far. Half BDS – everyone got dressy. Fun fun fun night ^^ Till someone puke in Distill. LOLOL.

Fourth year. Crash course into MORE dentistry. Felt like dying most of the time. But I still really really love what I do. Clinics were looooOOOOoooog. And that’s an understatement. Didn’t think there’s so much to learn in Dentistry until exam comes. FOL. More cramming. And cramming. 7 exams in a week. MAJOR FOL. We all survived it. Yay to us.

So that’s my six years in brief. Now the tag comes: How has your live been in Adelaide?? Pls do tell in brief (in brief only ah) ^^

To another and hopefully the very last year in Adelaide =) I love life!!


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  1. 1

    twp said,

    HAHAHAH.. dis post is nth! y do u have to pw protect it. haahaha..

    urgh.. having to think of dat u are leaving ade after graduating, ARGH.. im so gonna miss u peng.. omg.. come back visit me often k?????? =(

  2. 2

    s0hp0h said,

    lolol oso said I’m pw protecting for the sake, dunno how to READ ka hahhaha
    i will miss u too hehe i will la ^^

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