In the midst of boredom

Sigh. I’m seriously sick of blogging. Maybe I should stop altogether. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. I cannot be blogging forever right? Perhaps a date. Like say on the day I graduate? I should just close this down forever and ever. One, for me being lazy. Two, don’t want my future employers to dig dirt up about me hahahahha. Three, I don’t think there’s much I can write here anymore =(

Newayz. Exactly 2 more weeks till Adelaide. Sigh. I wanna start 5th year asap, yet don’t wanna leave Malaysia. Adelaide’s is gonna be so effing hot. And the food and people and shopping in Malaysia. Sob sob. I’ll miss them all dearly.

And the stupid fever I have now. Damn irritating. Been taking lots of panadols and it works for a while before I start getting the chills again. So far nothing after 10 hours since my last panadol tabs – fingers crossed I’m all healed. Such a shitty time to get sick when I’m on holidays. Totally disrupt my plans. Sighhhhhhh. Sorry TAG. Had to cancel plans. Would have been heaps fun. But getting sick in Adelaide in worse, being all alone T___________T Just end up crying like why nobody cares, those are the times I miss my mum lol. Yea I’m a bad daugther. I’ll try to be better =P

There’s still loads to be done and I haven’t done anything. Sigh. Need to scan and photocopy documents, then get them certified before applying for police check etc. Doesn’t sound too hard, but the hassle! Oh well I better start now or I never will. Toodlez.


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  1. 1

    twp said,

    dun stop blogging la.. if not i have nth to read d.. like mich etc.. all stop blogging omg.. plus after u graduate u wont be in ade.. so u have to blog even more for us!! i dont care.. lolz

  2. 2

    s0hp0h said,

    siao…. whr got so free o. actually maybe i reli will be so free hahaha but there will be ntg to talk about, than the country mundane’s life

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