3 days

Exactly 3 more days till back to Adel. During this past week or so, I’ve never eaten so much in my life. Le sigh. I’ve been trying to race against time, chasing up all the food I’ve missed, not wanting to regret it when I get back. But it’s such a stupid battle. Like I have nothing to gain really, except excess weight. Sigh.. I don’t even want to weight myself now – so scared that I’ll faint the moment I see the number T___T

On the other note, my uni timetable finally came out. Thank freaking God. It looks really packed. Sigh. And that’s just for precommencent term. Actual academic semester hasn’t start. I don’t want to imagine how it’s gonna be like >.< But I’m really excited though. Can’t wait to start fifth year officially hohohoho

CNY is coming yay. Two weeks plus away. But I’m gonna miss all the cny movies. So sad. Someone wanna download it for me? Pretty pls??? *riceball, wink wink* Yea? Lolol. It looks funny and good =( Sigh I can hardly remember the last time I’ve seen a chinese movie in a cinema. That was last year I think. Ip Man. See laaaa, I’ve been so deprived of canto movies sob sob. Okla, psot getting pointless. Gonna end it. Update when I get back. Gonna be scorching hot =(


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    twp said,

    ahhahaha no problem la.. just let me know when the movie is released.. i have lots of quota for u to dl ^^

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