My favourite subject for now. I know. So crazy. I don’t like the world load. Don’t like the amount of reading that needs to be done. But it’s so interesting. I love raising flaps!!! Andplacing sutures too, like yay? Lol. FYI I’m not being sarcastic. I really do love love O/S for now. Might change my mind later, always do, but yea, atm it’s real fun =)

Newayz. 12.11 am. Class  at 9 tomorrow. Prolly shud sleep. Since Ms Chai say one shud really sleep before 11pm to allow your liver to detox your system effectively from 11-12. RIGHT. Lol. Not that I don’t believe her. Just impractical. I don’t fall asleep easily. Insomiac. Can be real sleepy and still won’t fall asleep. It sucks to be me T____T

Sigh. Did something really stupid today. FMLFMLFMLFMLFML. Dropped something important. Sigh FMLFMLFMLFML. How the hell did it drop from my folder I have no effing idea. I HATE PLASTIC BINDERS. THEY SUCK. SUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. Note to self: when something’s lost, it usually is lost and PLS PLS PLS don’t bother tracing back your steps all the way back to dent school from North trc when it’s 37 degrees. Losing stuff is dumb. What’s even dumber is actually believing I can somehow find it back. FAT CHANCE I’d say.

Newayz. CNY in what. 3 days.  Woohoo. I hate CNY in Adel. Yep. With a passion. But hopefully gonna be better this year. Doesn’t take a lot ot top the shitty ones I’ve had. Gonna nom nom nom all the CNY cookies yayyyyyyyyyy. I am most excited about that part to be honest. No really. I’m not kidding. LOL everyone else is prolly going on and on about games or drinks, but for me, has and will always be FOOD =) Speaking of which I still havent fulfill my vegetarian promise oh crap. Will do it soon. Promise. Promise it’s not an empty promise. Dear god, pls believe me. Dun punish me k. I will seriously do it. Thank you for understanding.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone. Have a roaring tiger year =)


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  1. 1

    misss chai said,

    wei wei wei… u dont belive me! it really helps ur liver in detoxing ok!!!

    andandand… i received the important thingy that made u walked all the way back to dent school from north trc when it’s freaking 37 degrees out there…. lol… so gan dong! omos cry somemore! ahahaha… thanks a lot ar!!!!

  2. 2

    s0hp0h said,

    lol no problem la, i was just lamenting cos cannot find. in the end can find then it’s all worth it =)

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