One of those effing days

These are the times I love having a blog. Just so I can lambast all I want. Been such a looooOOoooong day. Was supposed to be a good one, not to say it was crap but there’s just so many things going on at once, I feel really exhausted. Sigh. I dunno what has gotten into me, just not enjoying stuff I am supposed to enjoy. And ppl and things been constantly annoying me in and out. Just this day alone, I probably met all the weirdos in Adelaide. I dunno if it’s me or is Adelaide just filled with weirdos? It’s either that or I just have some werid ability to attract weird people. I am soooooooooo over it. And I’d sworn so many times just today alone. I just can’t stop swearing. Everything shits me out. Ah. It’s one of those days where ntg just seems to fit. Ntg seems to be able to do anything. Sigh. I was supposed to feel happy, yet I don’t. I was supposed to do so much more, but I just can’t be bothered anymore. Seriously, I don’t give a shit anymore. I don’t want to. Don’t care. And fuck. I should just concentrate on living my own effing life.

p/s I’m not emoing so save ur comfort. Don’t need it.

pp/s this post is not directed to anyone in particular so do yourself a favour and stop thinking that it’s you cos it’s not.


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    Pseudopie said,

    uhhh what? explain!

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