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Heyooooo =)

Hi people, to those who actually bother to check (which probably means no one cos I did say I am shutting this down but yea, just in case if there are any out there who still check for God knows what reason or just happen to stumble by, well welcome) Anyway I am back for nowww =) But not for long  I don’t think. Just one of those days I really miss blogging. Oh to those who did happen to chance this post, pls leave a comment like noted or read, whatever, just kinda curious how many ppl actually will see this cos I ain’t gonna tell people hoohoho.

Well yes, exams are around the corner again and just had dent pubcrawl last nite. Turned out to be one of the weirdest niteout but oh well, all in all, it was fun. Especially seeing some good old frens who I have lost touch to since the beginning of this year. It’s fun seeing everyone again, making that connection. I dunno. Just felt so detached lately. Hmm. This is not an emo post btw. I am just sooo looking forward to exams. Cos when that time comes, I’ll only have half a year left of my stupid five year degree. God knows how much longer I can take this. It’s been wayyyyy too long and I honestly do not know and don’t wanna know how I cam this far. Like those are the days. Just very much looking forward to what’s ahead and shit, there’s a lot of shit that I have to do =(. NOT GOOD at all. But it’s ok. I tell myself again and again, once this is all over, I’m gonna be freeeeeeee. FREEEEEEEEE. Yippeee. I C.A.N.T W.A.I.T. HoHOHOOHHO. Sorry. I’m being random again. Just typing whatever’s coming to my ind hence the rambles.

Anyway. Enjoying life very much at the moment despite shitass drama (when do they ever stop?). The only thing I am grateful is they don’t actually involve me so if I choose to, I don’t need to care hahaaha. I love being so cold and emotionless man. Save those tears and drama. Lol. That makes me selfish and uh cold. But who cares. You only live once so might as well be happy right? Ok this is getting no where zzz. Gonna go find some food. Till next time. Buh bye. (talking to myself obviously).


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